Fall 2023 Athletes Honored in Ceremony

From Aug. 14, 2023, to Nov. 11, 2023, more than 180 middle and upper school students put on their uniforms and took to the courts and fields and represented Norfolk Collegiate in six sports on 18 teams during the fall athletic season. 

They brought home TCIS championship titles in sailing and JV boys soccer and were state runner-ups in girls tennis.

Even more important, said Athletic Director Jon Hall, was that student-athletes remember five key habits to be successful once they have found their sport. They are:

First, set realistic goals. You don’t have to be the best on the team, but you must be the best version of you. 

Second, be passionate. If you love it, you will get good at it.

Third, surround yourself with positive energy.  Avoid the naysayers. Additionally, get around people who support your goals.

Fourth, be consistent, but allow small changes. Train and put in the work. An example of a small change might be Matt Talley telling you that you need to stretch regularly at home as it will improve your athletic performance. He is right!

Lastly, have grit! Your success is built on your fortitude. This is what separates good and great.  Every athlete has faced a high level of adversity. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Expect to battle always.

Below are the student-athletes who were selected by their coaches as award recipients for during the Fall Athletic Awards Program on Nov. 15, 2023. Congratulations, Oaks!

Girls JV Cross Country: 
Most Valuable Runner: Lucy B.
Outstanding Teammate: Tannya W.
Oak Award: Aurora L.

Boys JV Cross Country: 
Most Valuable: Adam H.
Most Outstanding Teammate: Daniel C.
Oak Award: Eli L.

Varsity Girls Cross Country:
Most Valuable Player: Taylor N.
Most Outstanding Teammate: Katie D.
Oak Award: Keeley B.

Varsity Boys Cross Country:

Most Improved: Keron K.
Most Valuable: Jack W.
Most Outstanding Teammate: Blake H.
Oak Award: Evan W.

Varsity Field Hockey 
Most Improved Player: Robin R.
Most Valuable Player: Janne R.
Most Outstanding Teammate: Grace O.
Oak Award: Keaghan O.

Middle School Girls Volleyball
White Team: Most Outstanding Teammate: Sophia C.
Oak Award: Lily K.
Blue Team: Most Outstanding Teammate: Taylor B.
Oak Award: Sanaa H.

JV Girls Volleyball
Most Valuable Player: Karina L.
Most Outstanding Teammate: Mathilda D.
Oak Award: Chloe B.

Varsity Girls Volleyball
Most Improved: Izzy S.
Most Valuable: Olivia W.
Most Outstanding Teammate: Ruby G.
Oak Award: Chloe S.

Middle School Boys Soccer
Middle School White Boys Soccer
Most Outstanding Teammate: Silas C.
Oak Award: Jackson W.
Middle School Blue Boys Soccer       
Most Outstanding Teammate: Mason G.
Oak Award: William V.

JV Boys Soccer
Most Valuable Player: Jude E.
Most Outstanding Teammate: Caymus F.
Oak Award: Hastin S.

Varsity Boys Soccer
Most Improved Player: Ryan S.
Most Valuable Player: Brennan C.
Most Outstanding Teammate: Sam F.
Oak Award: Ben C.

JV Girls Tennis
Most Valuable Player: Mackenzie H.
Most Outstanding Teammate: Mary Walsh M.
Oak Award: Caroline B.

Varsity Girls Tennis
Most Valuable Player: Emma M.
Most Improved Player: Ruby G.
Most Outstanding Teammate: Margaret W.
Oak Award: Annabelle B.

Middle School Sailing
Most Valuable Sailor: Corinne T.
Most Outstanding Teammate: Phoenix W.
Oak Award: Mollie A.

Varsity Sailing
Most Improved: Finian B.
Most Valuable Sailor: Kiana B.
Most Outstanding Team Mate: Maddie M.
Oak Award: Cal K.

Team Sportsmanship Award
We also reintroduced the Team Sportsmanship Award, which was last awarded in 2011 to the girls JV soccer team. This award is given to the team that best displays exemplary qualities of integrity, respect and upholds the spirit of the game serving as a positive role model for others.  Congratulations to the varsity field hockey team on being awarded the 2023 Team Sportsmanship Award.


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