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Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Program (LRP) at Norfolk Collegiate offers a variety of academic support services for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

How Does It Work?
Any student or parent may arrange a meeting with the learning services director and/or school counselor to discuss academic questions and concerns, review an educational evaluation and identify strategies for helping students meet academic goals. There are no fees for these meetings.

What Programs Does It Provide?
These resource programs provide individual and small group academic and behavioral support for students who need assistance with specific content areas, reading, study skills, motor or listening skills, organization and time management. Learning specialists and tutors in the LRP collaborate with classroom teachers to help them understand students’ learning challenges, needs and strengths and to facilitate accommodations for students with documented learning disabilities. Students who are enrolled in the LRP for tutoring and other support services pay an additional fee (separate from tuition), which covers the cost of providing individualized support and instruction.

Do Accommodations Have to be Documented?
Students who receive classroom accommodations have documented learning disabilities that have been identified by a psychologist or learning disabilities specialist through psycho-educational or neuro-psychological testing. These accommodations, which may include extended time, oral testing, testing away from the group, a spelling waiver, or the use of a laptop computer or calculator, are only provided for students with educational testing completed within the past three years that clearly document the disability and its impact on the student’s learning. It is important to have educational testing updated every three years as students’ learning ability and accommodation needs often change over time. Testing updates help classroom teachers and the resource staff better understand and assist with students’ learning needs, and they are ultimately required by the College Board, Educational Testing Service and the ACT in order to request accommodations for College Board and ACT testing.

Are the Services Free?
No. All tutoring provided by the learning resource staff is arranged through the Learning Resource Program and is billed through the business office.

Lower School Services
Individual Content Tutoring/Coaching | $48 per hour
Small Group Tutoring/Coaching | $27 per hour 
Individual and content tutoring with an LRP teacher/learning specialist includes one-on-one assistance. Specialized programs such as the Wilson Reading Program or the Orton Gillingham Reading Program are tailored to the child’s needs. There are also small group options available. Content areas, study skills, organization and homework strategies are also offered. The LRP teacher has regular communication with classroom teachers and parents. 

Middle and Upper School 
Group Tutoring | $180 per month
Students in Grades 6-12 who are enrolled in the LRC receive small group tutoring during a daily class period that includes assistance with study skills, time management, test-taking skills and organization, content tutoring and review, and any prescribed classroom accommodations. LRC learning specialists and tutors communicate with classroom teachers and parents on a regular basis.

For more information about the middle and upper school LRC, please contact Leslie Gulak, director of learning services, at  

Meet Our Team

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  • Leslie  Gulak 

    Director of Learning Services
  • Photo of Kathleen Boettcher

    Kathleen Boettcher 

    Learning Resource Program Coordinator
  • Photo of McKenna Grounds

    McKenna Grounds 

    Middle and Upper School Learning Resource Tutor
  • Photo of Cornelia Connors

    Cornelia Connors 

    Learning Resource Program Coordinator
  • Photo of Aarynn McMahon

    Mrs. Aarynn McMahon 

    Learning Resource Tutor

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