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Finding the perfect school for your son or daughter can be difficult and it can take time.

Norfolk Collegiate is the area's premier private school, and we have been educating students for more than 70 years. We're steeped in tradition; however, Collegiate is a forward-leaning school where everyone belongs. We understand that for many families new to the private school admissions process, it may seem overwhelming. However, we are here to help you.

Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions that are not covered in the list below, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly and helpful admissions team.  

We hope to speak with you soon!

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  • What's the difference between a public and a private school?

    Public schools are funded by the government and students attend the school based upon the school district in which they live. Some students are able to attend a different public school based on health or daycare waivers or specific programs offered at the school. Public schools must admit every student they service and have to offer accommodations for children who have special needs. Public schools also follow state or federal-mandated programs and standards, such as the Standards of Learning. 

    Private schools vary widely, which is why we encourage families to find the right fit for their child and their family's needs.

    Private schools are accredited; however, they are funded solely on tuition, grants and fundraising efforts. Private schools do not enroll students like public schools do. Instead, families need to complete an application, tour the school and in many cases, have a shadow day or play date at the school. However, not all families who apply are accepted. Private schools look at the child's behavior, scholastic achievements, community involvement, extracurriculars and other factors when determining if a student will be accepted. 

    Families who attend private school vary widely, as well. 

    Private schools also have flexibility in their curriculum, meaning teachers have more flexibility in teaching style and speed of which lessons are taught. Many private school teachers are experts in the areas in which they teach or have industry experience.
  • Does the school offer financial assistance?

    Yes. Not all families may qualify for assistance; however, Norfolk Collegiate does offer financial assistance to many families.

    Families must apply for assistance; however, all assistance is in the form of grants so our families do not have to repay the money. Financial assistance is awarded yearly, so families need to reapply each year. 

    We also offer a discount to military families.

    Click here for more information on our affordability.
  • Is your school accredited?

    Yes, Norfolk Collegiate is accredited through the Virginia Association of Independent Schools.
  • Is Norfolk Collegiate religiously affiliated?

    No. Norfolk Collegiate is not affiliated with any religion.
  • Does my child have to have his or her own laptop or iPad?

    Norfolk Collegiate is a 1:1 iPad school. This means that students in Grades 6-12 are required to have an iPad to use at school and at home. 

    For students in pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5, individual devices are not required for instruction. Any devices needed for instruction will be provided by the school and will be shared. During COVID-19, the school will closely monitor the use of shared devices. If they are used, they will be cleaned according to protocol and safe for instruction.
  • Do you offer bus service for your families?

    Norfolk Collegiate does not offer transportation for our families.
  • Does tuition include lunch?

    Yes, tuition includes lunch for all students attending Norfolk Collegiate. Tuition for our pre-Kindergarten 3 & 4 also includes daily snacks. 

    For more information about Norfolk Collegiate's dining services, please click here.

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