Middle School

A Great Place to Grow and Shine

Middle school marks a new beginning. That's why we make sure the only thing middling about middle school, Grades 6-8, is the name. With our strong curriculum, engaging programs and activities, Norfolk Collegiate's middle school is a great place to grow and shine.

Life in middle school is a combination of exploration, discovery and limitless possibility. That's why our students discover where a love of learning can take them.

They develop the academic skills and sense of agency over their learning, time and lives that are key to navigating healthy adolescent development during these pivotal years. Dedicated, fun faculty and staff create a middle school experience that students and families look forward to every day. 
As middle school specialists, our faculty are student-focused and committed to personalizing instruction and building relationships. We provide the right atmosphere for adolescents to explore their interests, engage in hands-on learning, expand their critical thinking in all content areas, and interact with peers and faculty in meaningful ways. Students in Grades 6 through 8 need the right balance of structure and room for intellectual curiosity to develop as confident learners and leaders. We achieve this balance through our inquiry and project-based approach to instruction and by providing age-appropriate support and guidance throughout the middle school experience. 

Middle school students participate in a robust core academic program that offers our hallmark style of engaged learning. All students in Grades 6 through 8 are enrolled in English, social studies, mathematics, science and modern and classical languages. Additionally, students may choose electives from our arts and design thinking offerings, and all students participate in our fun and wellness-focused health and physical education curriculum. 

Beginning in sixth grade, middle school students may participate in our athletics program and represent the Oaks on the fields and courts. Extracurricular activities such as LEGO Robotics, forensic competitions, and the spring theatrical production offer additional opportunities for middle school students to explore their interests and talents.

Our middle school advisory program allows students to work closely with faculty and small peer groups, which builds strong relationships and creates a safe space for learning. The advisory program also promotes a sense of community and belonging, and fosters positive experiences that often lead to life-long friendships. From the time students enter our doors each morning, our focus is to help them feel welcomed, connected and inspired.
That's why middle school is a great time to grow and shine!

Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Administration

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  • Photo of Christopher Tillson

    Christopher Tillson 

    Head of Middle School
    Rollins College
    George Mason University
  • Photo of Jill Archer

    Jill Archer 

    Middle School Dean of Students
  • Photo of Pannill Titus

    Mrs. Pannill Titus 

    Lower and Middle School Counselor
  • Photo of Susanne Potter

    Susanne Potter 

    Health Department Chair: Lead School Nurse

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