Lights, Camera, Action

Our high-quality arts program allows students to explore the arts through theater, music and the visual arts. At Collegiate, arts isn't an extra, but rather essential to a well-rounded education, and it's part of the curriculum from day one. Not only does it enhance a child's self-esteem, but it also develops critical thinking skills and imagination.

Middle & Upper School Theater

Plays & Musicals
Our theater programs helps to develop critical thinking while stimulating creativity. Middle and upper school students produce and run three theater productions each year, including: the fall play, the spring musical and the middle school play. Each production is brought to life under the direction of our expert faculty who guide the students on their creative journey.

Sound & Lighting
Not all students want to be in the spotlight and many of our Oaks shine on our sound and lighting crew for theater productions. Students learn how to operate the high-tech sound and light equipment in the stunning Hackney Theater in our Meredith Center for the Arts. 

Theater Production
Behind the scenes, our Theater Production classes are booming as students bring their imagination to fruition designing play and musical sets. Their vision begins on paper as they collaborate on a set design. It's then brought to life via a 3-D model where students are able to tweak their design. Finally, through hammers, saws, paintbrushes and more, they create the final set, whether it's the hallways in "High School Musical" or the streets of "Almost, Maine."

After the spring productions have wrapped, Theater Production students participate in the annual Rube Goldberg competition where teams try to build the most elaborate and successful contraption. 

Come show time, the students take over and bring the show to life!

Theater Faculty

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  • Photo of Brendan Hoyle

    Brendan Hoyle 

    Director of Arts and Innovation
  • Photo of Madeline Gondek

    Ms. Madeline Gondek 

    Middle and Upper School Chorus Teacher

Middle/Upper School Campus

Lower School Campus