Board of Trustees

Board of Trustee Leaders

Mr. Scott G. Kennedy 
Head of School & President

Mr. W. Taylor Franklin '00
Past Chairman
Mr. Benjamin G. Cottrell V

Mr. Langbourne Williams 
Vice President

Mr. Lloyd Taliaferro Jr.
Ms. Alison Carlsmith

2020-21 Members of the Board

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the welfare of the school and of our students and faculty.

The Board of Trustees establishes the school's mission, develops long range plans, formulates board policy and assesses the school's performance. Members also are responsible for raising money and for managing the school's assets to ensure that the school has adequate financial and physical resources to carry out its mission.
Mrs. Dawn Bray
Mr. William B. Brock
Ms. Alison Carlsmith
Mr. Brian M. Clements
Mr. Jeffrey S. Creekmore '89
Mrs. Pamela E. Crenshaw '92
Mr. Kenneth L. Edmond
Mr. Larry Flora
Mrs. Virginia Hitch
Mr. Marc Hrisko
Mrs. Jill Layne
Mr. Thomas E. Mathas ’83
Mr. Richard Meredith Jr. '03
Mr. Thomas Minton III '90
Dr. Sharon Reed
Capt. Frank A. Rhodes IV
Mrs. Kasey Rosen
Dr. Barbara M. Sarris
Mr. John F. Sawyer '93
Mr. Andrew M. Schaubach '92
Mrs. Jeffrey M. Silverman
Elizabeth Ruth Smith
Mrs. Trina Stewart
Mr. Levi Thomson

Honorary Trustees

Mr. Stanley G. Barr Jr.
Mr. Gary Bonnewell
Mr. Henry U. Harris III
Mr. William W. King
Mr. Frederick V. Martin
Mrs. Betsy N. Mason
Mr. Ted A. Mathas '85
Mr. Richard D. Roberts
Dr. Ronald Stine

Middle/Upper School Campus

Lower School Campus