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  • Constitution Day Returns; Challenges Students' Historical Knowledge

    Our seniors brought elements of our nation’s journey to the Constitution to life for their fifth grade buddies during Constitution Day. Seniors were given 6 specific areas of history that played a role in the making of the Constitution and were challenged with creating games, skits and other activities to quiz their fifth grade friends on. Those included:

    1 | Zenger Trial
    2 | Madison and the Iroquois
    3 | Creation of the District of Columbia
    4 | Constitutional Amendment winners and losers
    5 | Rome and the Constitution
    6 | The Three-Fifths Clause
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  • Members of the 2022-23 lower school Student Council Association pose for a photo following their installation ceremony on Sept. 16, 2022.

    SCA Officers, Representatives Installed in Ceremony

    On Friday, Sept. 16, 2022, our lower school Student Council Association installed the 2022-23 officers and members in a ceremony in the lower school auditorium. Officers will serve a yearlong term while representatives from Kindergarten through Grade 5 will serve trimester terms.

    Congratulations to the following Oaks on being voted to the SCA:

    • Tyler W., Maddie S., Caroline M., Charlie R., Olivia D. and Bo G.
    Grade 1
    • Jillian T., Anna M., Luca B., Zoe N., Amelia A. and Harrison B.
    Grade 2
    • Ethan M., Essie H. and Hayden M.
    Grade 3
    • Cameron B., Grace H., Mark K., Jeevan W., Carrington J. and Chloe B.
    Grade 4
    • Austin R., Paige M., Molly M., Ryan A., Alex O. and Jack V.
    Grade 5
    • Lucy B., Marion C., Dylan K., Virginia M, Carter R. and Graham S.
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  • Hannah Sacks '13

    Hannah Sacks '13

    Hannah Sacks ’13 graduated from Eastern Virginia Medical School with her physician assistant-certified degree.
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  • Maggie Campbell '22

    Maggie Campbell '22

    Congratulations, Maggie C. '22 🎉🐙🐠
    Maggie was selected as 1 of 5 National Ocean Sciences Bowl 2022 Scholars!!!
    Why is this so awesome!?
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  • Richard '06 & Katherine Farrell Griffin '07

    Richard '06 & Katherine Farrell Griffin '07

    Katherine will soon graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University’s St. Francis Family Medicine Residency and her husband, Richard Griffin '06 serves as a member of the Newport News Fire Department’s technical rescue team. 
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  • Claire Renn '09

    Claire recently started working at The Fletcher School in Charlotte, North Carolina. 
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  • Michelle Meadows King '08

    Michelle accepted a job at Workday as a senior global integrated marketing manager.
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  • Norfolk Collegiate Marine Biology students sort bottle caps from a bottle cap challenge. The challenge was part of a  year-long, cross-disciplinary project led by their Teacher Dr. Frank Thomson.

    Upper School Bottle Cap Challenge Yields 12,000 Caps

    Do you ever wonder what happens to the trash that gets in our waterways? Or where the missing bottle cap you can never seem to find goes?

    Norfolk Collegiate’s Marine Biology students can tell you just where items like that go, thanks to a year-long, cross-disciplinary project led by their Teacher Dr. Frank Thomson. 

    The journey began this fall when Thomson took the students on a field trip to the “Washed Ashore” exhibit at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. The exhibit featured 11 larger-than-life sculptures made from plastics pulled from our oceans. It also was the perfect opportunity for students to learn about ocean wildlife. Students worked in pairs and each pair presented an organism to the class using the exhibit’s sculptures as examples. They discussed the adaptations, habitat, behavior, ecology and other aspects of marine biology of the organism. 
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  • Bailey Jones '16

    Bailey earned her master’s in forensic science from Virginia Commonwealth University.
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  • Chris Klevan '08

    Congratulations, Chris Klevan '08 on being named Sail1Design's 2022 Coach of the Year! 
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  • Emily Cole '14

    Emily graduated from the Physician Assistant Program at Wake Forest University School of Medicine.
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  • Josh Reed '20

    Josh recently attended the opening for Call Sign Romeo in which he plays wrestler Zachary Phillips.
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  • PK Dawson '17

    Congratulations, PK Dawson ’17! PK graduated Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Tech with dual undergraduate degrees in management human resources and marketing management with a minor in Japanese studies!
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  • Thanks to the generosity of the Franklin family, Norfolk Collegiate students were surprised with two new 24-passenger vans.

    Franklin Family Surprises Students with New Buses

    Students, faculty and staff were surprised with two new buses today in a special outdoor pep rally! The buses were made possible due to the generosity of the Franklin family. 

    Members of the Franklin family—Wendell and Martha Franklin, and Taylor ’00, Emily and their children, Caymus ’27, Colgin ’29 and Charlotte ’32—unveiled the buses to our lower school students before having the fall varsity captains help surprise our middle and upper school students. 

    The two buses, which were wrapped using a Collegiate-inspired design from Emily Franklin, will take our Oaks to athletic competitions and on field trips in comfort and style. The buses each seat 24 people comfortably with room overhead for gear and a flatscreen panel to entertain students during long trips.
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  • The sixth grade math students created models of an indoor preschool play area using 3D figures such as rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, square and triangular pyramids.

    Black lights, neon paints bring new life to math

    The middle school Explore Room was transformed into a blacklight math haven and students couldn’t get enough of it. While their upper school classmates participated in Learning to Evaluate Action Program’s (LEAP) LEAP Term, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students took their project-based lessons to a new level, thanks to their teachers Mrs. Sutelan and Ms. Alt.

    Over two days, students worked in the Explore Room using "dark light." The space was blacked out and black lights were added to create a festive environment for students to bring their creations to life.
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  • Norfolk Collegiate upper school students—Maggie C. ’22, Abby S. ’22, Graham F. ’22, Logan R. ’23 and Jessa R. ’23—earned second place honors in the 25th annual Blue Crab Bowl.

    Students Take Second Place at 25th Annual Blue Crab Bowl

    Upper school students—Maggie C. ’22, Abby S. ’22, Graham F. ’22, Logan R. ’23 and Jessa R. ’23—earned second place honors in the 25th annual Blue Crab Bowl. The bowl, which was held virtually again this year, is Virginia’s regional competition of the National Ocean Science Bowl©, an annual competition that tests their knowledge of our oceans.
    The two-day competition was hosted by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS).

    This also marked the second year for the team. They advanced to the playoff round and following 6 hours of grueling competition, was announced as the No. 2 team in the state of Virginia, joining the first-place Chesapeake Bay Governor's School for Marine Science as the only teams to score over 300 points in the competition!
    “Our team worked really hard practicing and preparing,” said advisor Dr. Frank Thompson of the competition, which featured 70 high school students from 13 teams across Virginia.
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  • Students compare the control EcoBottle with the impact EcoBottle during a recent lab showing the affects of humans on their ecosystem when pollution is involved.

    Students Testing Human Impact on their Ecosystem in Lab

    Middle school students are seeing firsthand how people can impact their ecosystems through things such as road salting for inclement weather, trash, pollution, acid rain and more. 

    Students designed their own labs, picked an impact to the ecosystem, such as acid rain, trash, pollution, road salt during inclement weather and more. They then created an EcoBottle, which simulated their ecosystem, and created a controlled system and one in which humans made their impact. Students used local pond water, soil and grass seed to create their EcoBottles. 

    Over the next two weeks, students looked at the microorganisms in the pond water, observed the water health, grass health by measuring the height of the grass and overall amount of grass growth. 

    Once completed, they had to come up with a proposal on how to help our local environment. 
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  • Students Sarah '22 and Stanley '23 work on their robot for an upcoming FIRST Tech Challenge regional competition. The program is offered to Norfolk Collegiate upper school students.

    Oaks compete in their inaugural FIRST Tech Challenge

    Good luck, Marah G. '22, Stanley S. '22, Sarah M. '23, Parker H. '25, Vincent M. '25 and Maddie M. '25! These Oaks are participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics regional qualifier on Saturday.

    Named the O.A.K.S. for Outstanding Automated Kinetic System, the students will compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC).
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  • Gabby '22 won the schoolwide Poetry Out Loud competition and will advance to the regional competition in February 2022. She selected “Requiem” by Camille T. Dungy and “On Liberty and Slavery” by George Moses Horton.

    Gabby '22 Advances in Poetry Out Loud Competition

    This year’s Poetry Out Loud competition saw a mixture of veteran and novice performers take to the stage in hopes of advancing to the regional event. In the end, it was veteran performer Gabby G. ’22 who clinched the honors.

    Poetry Out Loud is a national poetry recitation competition that encourages students to learn about and memorize great poetry. 

    The goal of the competition is to help students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence and learn about literary history while exploring contemporary life.

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  • David S. '26 competes in the Middle School Spelling Bee. David won the bee with the word

    Middle School Spelling Bee Goes 11 Rounds

    This year’s middle school spelling bee saw 19 students face off for the first-place honor, competing in 11 rounds. Words such as invigorating, wattles, Juneteenth, granules and contraption came before contestants in the annual event. In the end, it was the word “contorted” that stumped all but David S. ’26, the reigning Spelling Bee champion.

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  • Norfolk Collegiate fourth grade students worked together to create a rover from pasta.

    Students work together to create rovers made from pasta

    Fourth grade students closed out their solar system unit with an out-of-this-world group project that had them using science, mathematics, teamwork and creativity to pull off their planetary rovers!

    This hands-on, real-world scenario challenged students to work in groups to plan, create and execute a moving rover that would simulate how NASA engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory develop their projects–only students were building their rovers with pasta instead of high-tech materials.
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  • Sixth grade math classes recently designed and “opened” a holiday cookie shop. They had to work together as business partners to determine the design and mathematic elements of their businesses.

    Who knew math could be so tasty!

    Sixth grade math classes recently designed and “opened” a holiday cookie shop. 

    Students were put into groups of three and given a budget of $2,000 to get the store up and running. They had to work together as business partners to determine the design and mathematic elements of their businesses, including the shop’s name, business partner roles, quantities of ingredients to purchase for the shop and how much to charge for their cookies, for example.
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