Strategic Vision

In the fall of 2023, Norfolk Collegiate’s community engaged in the process of setting a strategic vision for the future of our school. We began by asking ourselves what was important to our school today, what will be important tomorrow and how we secure the future we want for our community. We partnered with the Gowan Group, a nationally recognized leader in independent school planning and consulting, to help us address these existential questions. Focus groups, interviews, surveys and data analysis were all part of the process, resulting in Building an Even Better Collegiate, a vision for today’s and tomorrow’s generations of Collegiate students.
Our work on this vision will allow us to strategically approach the questions posed to our community by supporting our professional faculty, enhancing student Collegiate experiences and securing resources for the work of today and tomorrow.
For more than 75 years, Collegiate has been a leader in the ever-changing world of independent school education. We work to advance the school’s mission by creating opportunities and programs to help all students, faculty and staff grow and become doers, thinkers and explorers. As you flip through Building an Even Better Collegiate, you will see how we focus on the students in our care and you will see our commitment to deliver an excellent school experience for all students.
Our time-tested approach to education centers on three pillars: The Collegiate Education, The Collegiate Experience and Collegiate of the Future. This strategic vision shows why Norfolk Collegiate is a place our students and faculty thrive today and tomorrow.
Pillar I: The Collegiate Education
The Collegiate Education offers a rich academic program in a safe and supportive environment.

Pillar II: The Collegiate Experience
The Collegiate Experience goes beyond the academic program to develop student leaders into global citizens. 

Pillar III: Collegiate in the Future
In stewarding the Collegiate mission for future generations, we seek to take advantage of emergent opportunities and provide financial resources to enhance programs. 
As you read our plans for the future, please join me in looking forward to the many exciting possibilities for learning and community that lie ahead.


Scott G. Kennedy
Head of School

Strategic Vision Committee Members

Jill Archer
Middle School Dean     

Billy Brock

Dr. Catherine Thomson ’94
Head of Lower School 

Anne Claywell ’88
Head of Upper School

Nelee Connors
Lower School Learning Resource Program Coordinator 

Taylor Franklin ’00
Board of Trustees Vice Chair 

Jon Hall
Director of Athletics       
Virginia Hitch ’81

Scott Kennedy
Head of School

Dr. Nefertiti Makeda
Director of Diversity & Inclusion     

Tommy Mathas '83

Stacy Nixon
Assistant Head for Advancement  

Amy Robb
English Department Chair 

Cary Sawyer
Director of Finance & Operations
John Sawyer '93

Maggie Thomas

Chris Tillson
Head of Middle School  

Dr. Kristine Varney
Director of Instruction

Morgan Wells

Lang Williams
Board of Trustee Chairman   

Middle/Upper School Campus

Lower School Campus