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International Student Program

One of the many ways Norfolk Collegiate upper school students are engaged with the world is through our international student program, which enriches our diverse student community.

Students from all over the world—like China, South Korea, Sweden, Germany and Spain—come to Norfolk Collegiate to finish their high school experience and graduate on to American colleges, while others choose a single year of cultural immersion.

International students are an integral part of the Collegiate community and excel in the classroom, on the stage and the sports field. As part of their experience, international students stay with local host families, as arranged by their agency. This allows for a deeper cultural experience for the students and their host families.   

Other students may arrive due to parents’ military, governmental or business relocation to Hampton Roads while others come through agencies specializing in short-term cultural exchanges or long-term academic placements. 

For students coming alone, Collegiate works with agencies to locate host families. As Norfolk Collegiate host families can attest, it’s a deeply enriching experience–a chance to learn about different cultures, perspectives and traditions. In many instances, there’s also a monthly stipend of several hundred dollars paid to hosts by the agencies.
“I saw what a great opportunity it was to open our home to a student. Not only do you get to learn about their home or country, but you also get to form a relationship – that’s really the special thing.”

Susan Meredith, international student host parent

Host Family Opportunities

Norfolk Collegiate families are an integral part of the international student program. Opportunities exist for families to open their homes to international students. Some come and study for a semester, while others may stay for one to four years. Families initially sign on for a one-year commitment. At the end of that period, they and the student can decide whether to renew their contract and continue the arrangement the following year. 

Most host families receive a living allowance from the student’s placement agency, and the student’s school costs are paid by their agencies. 

To learn more about these students and how you could qualify as a host, contact the admissions office at 757.480.1495 or

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