Visual Arts

In Our Lower School

Our visual arts program begins in the lower school where students explore the visual arts as a resource class from pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5. Students work with paint, paper, clay, wood, yarn, fabric and other media to explore various design techniques.
Our inclusive art program rewards all students for their creativity, while also infusing creative play, technical skills and art history. Projects are closely linked to topics studied in the classrooms to reinforce math, science, social studies and English.

In Our Middle School

Our middle school's visual arts program exposes our students to a variety of artistic styles and methods, while also exploring art from around the world. In these classes, cooperation, responsibility and respect flourish. At Norfolk Collegiate, our art curriculum builds critical thinking, creative problem solving, and explores multiple viewpoints.

Students also examine the elements of art and principles of design, as well as art criticism and art history. Emphasis is placed on nurturing habits of observation and reflection. Sixth grade students focus on art from around the world. Combined classes of seventh and eight grade students explore two- and/or three-dimensional art concentrations.  

In Our Upper School

Collegiate provides an array of visual arts offerings for upper school students, including pottery, painting, photography and digital art. Through visual arts instruction, students learn to value diverse perspectives and cultures, and examine their world and their own experience within it. Our seasoned faculty encourage creative and flexible forms of thinking, experimentation and original point of view.
Students are offered the opportunity to explore their creativity, whether experienced or inexperienced in the arts, as well as pursue advanced classes and delve deeper into specific mediums. By stimulating our student's imagination, art education at Norfolk Collegiate opens up possibilities for innovation, fosters the acceptance of multiple viewpoints, promotes observation and reflection, and engages young minds in envisioning new ideas for tomorrow's world.  

Visual Arts Faculty

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Catherine Wright

    Catherine Wright 

    Upper School Art Teacher
  • Photo of Emily Pope

    Emily Pope 

    Middle and Upper School Art Teacher
  • Photo of Margaret Hagan

    Mrs Margaret Hagan 

    Lower School Art Teacher

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