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Extended Care

Norfolk Collegiate offers extended care for students at our lower school and a supervised study period for our middle school students before and after school.

Lower School Extended Care

Our lower school extended care is an extension of the school day for students in pre-Kindergarten 3 through Grade 5. We provide a safe and caring environment in which our students are supervised during academic, social and recreational activities. Classroom teachers and teacher assistants are actively involved with the children: reading to them, assisting with homework assignments, playing games, designing creative projects and organizing sporting activities.

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  • Hours of Operation

    The lower school extended care program is located in the lower school, 5429 Tidewater Drive, and is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

    It's open every day school is in session after Labor Day, unless otherwise noted on the school calendar or in the important dates below.

    Morning Care | 7:30–8 a.m. 

    Afternoon Care | 3–6 p.m.

    Click here for a list of lower school extended care important dates.
  • Registration & Cost

    All lower school students must complete the registration form at the beginning of the school year.

    There is a yearly $53 registration fee per student for extended care; however, the school will not charge your student account for the registration fee until the first day your student attends the program.

    Daily Fee Structure 
    The daily fee is $27 per student for those in Kindergarten through Grade 5. Extended care is included in pre-Kindergarten tuition. Families are only charged when they utilize the service. 
  • Snacks

    All lower school students enrolled in afternoon extended care will be served a snack and drink each day.

    On days in which school is dismissed early, students are to bring a lunch with them if lunch was not served during the school day. A snack will be served on days when there is early dismissal.

    Food allergies should be specifically noted so that snacks provided are safe for the student to consume.
  • School Closings & Delays

    In the event that Norfolk Collegiate has an unscheduled early dismissal due to an emergency, including severe weather, extended care will not be offered. Parents will be notified of a closing through our emergency notification system.

    If school is delayed, the extended care program will begin 30 minutes before the new school start time.

    If school is canceled, the extended care program will be canceled.

Middle School Extended Care

Our middle school extended care provides students an opportunity to be on campus and supervised before and after school. Our before school program provides a place for students to get ready for their day when they arrive on campus early. Our goal in the after school program is to give students a pleasant space to be productive and have fun while they remain on campus in the afternoons. It's also an opportunity for them to get a jump start on homework and projects during the quiet study period, to relax, play games and chat with friends in the middle school Explore Room.

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  • Hours of Operation

    Morning Care | 7:30-8 a.m.
    Middle school students may be dropped off as early as 7:30 a.m. each morning. Students in the building prior to 8 a.m. must report to and sign in at extended care. Students will be dismissed from morning care at approximately 8 a.m. to prepare for their day and report to homeroom.

    Afternoon Care 
    | 3:10-6 p.m.
    Middle school students will be provided a supervised afternoon care program from 3:10-6 p.m. This program includes supervised study time and activity time. Students registered to attend afternoon care are expected to report to and sign in immediately following dismissal at 3:10 p.m. each afternoon.

    Early Dismissal, Days School's Not in Session
    Extended care will not be offered on days when school is not in session. Afternoon care will not be available on early dismissal days, and students should be picked up at dismissal time.
  • Registration & Cost

    All students must be registered in order to participate in the program. There is a $53 registration fee for each student, and there is a $13 daily fee for after care. A late fee will be assessed if students are not picked up by 6 p.m.

    Accounts will be billed at the end of the month for the number of days your student attended after care during that month.

    For more information, please contact Chrisy Cooper at
  • School Closures & Delays

    In the event that school has an unscheduled early dismissal due to an emergency, including severe weather, middle school extended care will not be offered.

    If school is delayed, the morning care program will begin 30 minutes before the new school start time.

    If school is canceled or closed, the middle school extended care program is also canceled.

Middle School Extended Care

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    Christina Cooper 

    Middle School English Teacher
    Old Dominion University - Bachelor of Science

Lower School Extended Care

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  • Photo of Ashley James

    Ashley James 

    Lower School Technology Teacher / Extended Care Site Supervisor
  • Photo of Deb Kraus

    Mrs. Deb Kraus 

    Lower School Administrative Assistant / Extended Care Site Supervisor
    Old Dominion - Bachelor of Science

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