Student-Athletes Named to TCIS Teams

Congratulations to the following student-athletes who were recognized by Tidewater Conference of Independent Schools for their dedication to their respective sports:

TCIS Second Team- Adam Beaver '21

Boys Lacrosse:
TCIS Second Team- Jackson Holt '23
Betty Jean Riddick Sportsmanship Award- Norfolk Collegiate

TCIS All-Tournament Team- Flynn O’Boyle '23

Girls Lacrosse:
TCIS First Team- Katie Sullivan '21                                          
TCIS First Team- Ellie Robertson '21

Girls Soccer:
TCIS Player of the Year- Taryn Goodwin '22
TCIS First Team- Taryn Goodwin '22
TCIS First Team- Kelleigh Longacher '24
TCIS First Team- Jillian Reed '23
TCIS Second Team- Brianna Curro '24
TCIS Second Team- Jessica Magee '21

Boys Tennis:                  
TCIS Second Team Singles- Blake Hrisko '23
TCIS Second Team Doubles- Logan Reed '23, Lawson Taliaferro '21

Middle/Upper School Campus

Lower School Campus