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Pre-Kindergarten Program 

now accepting applications for 2018-19

Norfolk Collegiate's pre-kindergarten program offers a dynamic jump-start into the academic world. Your child will:


Dive into the world of purposeful play and innovative, teacher-led and student-led activities

Focus on literacy, math and beyond

Learn to question, explore, think and solve problems


At the end of this unique experience, your child will be well prepared for the next step – the Norfolk Collegiate kindergarten program. 

We understand the importance of early childhood education in developing the whole child. Our focus on the building blocks of knowledge and on social and emotional growth provides the perfect foundation. Research shows that young children who are in a quality learning environment that implements educational best practices score higher on academic assessments in later elementary years.

Our program is designed to develop your child as a critical thinker, doer and explorer.



Norfolk Collegiate’s pre-kindergarten program:

  • Is located at the Norfolk Collegiate lower school campus, 5429 Tidewater Drive, Norfolk
  • Tuition is $11,700 per student, includes a 12-month, full-day care program from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. with the instructional day being 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 
  • Students must be at least four years old by the first day of class 
  • Has a low student-to-teacher ratio with certified teachers
  • Includes a core curriculum with language arts, math, science and social studies 
  • Includes resource specials, such as Spanish, technology, art, library, music and physical education
  • Is purposeful, play-centered program with STEM-based activities in the MakerLab
  • Emphasizes gross and fine motor development
  • Utilizes technology-enhanced learning
  • Outdoor spaces include the Outdoor Learning Lab, a student-driven, farm-to-table initiative  
  • Ensures a secure campus environment
  • Provides daily well-balanced snacks and lunches
  • Involvement with Norfolk Collegiate community



The Norfolk Collegiate pre-kindergarten program is designed to prepare your child cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically for a seamless transition to kindergarten and beyond.

Students build a foundation in reading, writing, mathematics and communication. Experiences in science, social studies, physical education, library, music, art and Spanish also broaden young horizons. Daily purposeful play inspires creative thinking, curiosity and creativity. Our technology-enhanced classrooms develop your child into a 21st century learner capable of achieving his or her greatest potential.

In short, the Norfolk Collegiate kindergarten preparatory program is designed to develop the whole child to be ready and eager for the many challenges to come.

Click here to view a listing of pre-kindergarten important dates for the 2017-18 school year.

Click here to view a listing of pre-kindergarten important dates for the 2018-19 school year.

For more information on the program, please contact Director of Admissions Mary Peccie at 757.480.1495 or