upper school academic program 

mighty oaks branch out for success

The culminating years of a Norfolk Collegiate education are distinct in many ways. On a personal level, we prompt students' awareness of the opportunities available to them through activities fostering social responsibility, leadership, service and philanthropy. Our commitment to knowing and guiding each student to success is evident in our advisory system and college counseling program, and the depth of connections made between teachers and students in and out of the classroom. 

On an academic level, we continue to challenge them to think globally, to question strategically, to work collaboratively and to grow in a multitude of directions. To broaden their experiences, students are offered a range of Advanced Placement® courses through the College Board, independent study programs and engaging electives. Click here to view our upper school Course Selection Guide. Our goal is to prepare young adults for college and beyond by building skills and confidence through real-world experiences and by inspiring a continuing love of learning.


The senior project: a capstonE experience

Each senior embarks on a journey of personal growth with his or her senior project. It's an opportunity for our students to go beyond the classroom and work independently or collaboratively, and present culminating experiment, products or documents. These range from completing scholarly research or internships and staging charity events to organizing arts shows or volunteering abroad.