Middle School Academic Program

A great place to grow and shine 

At Norfolk Collegiate, we make sure the only thing middling about middle school—grades 6-8—is the name. Early adolescence is a time of intense discovery, and young people are acutely attuned to their individuality, emotions and community. This range of intellectual, physical and social differences among middle school students is why our faculty is student-focused and committed to personalizing instruction and building relationships. 
We partner with parents to develop self-reliant learners who take responsibility for their own learning, as evidenced by student-led conferences and myriad other opportunities to explore interests and build skills, is a goal of the middle school faculty.
During these critical years, we support and guide students as they move naturally into paths of their emerging talents and interests. In grades six through eight, students experience lively learning in the humanities, math, science, technology, athletics and leadership. We challenge our students to encourage critical thinking and the exploration of new ideas, while developing strong values.

That's why middle school is a great time to grow and shine!

Creating core values

Honor. Honesty. Kindness. Respect. Responsibility. Effort. These are the core values that Norfolk Collegiate's middle school students selected as the qualities most important to their learning and social community. Such collaborative decisions empower student leadership and civic responsibility.