Faculty, Students Attend Flagship People of Color Conference

We are proud to share that we sent one of the largest groups in the school's history to the National Association of Independent School's People of Color Conference in St. Louis, from Nov. 29-Dec. 2, 2023.
This year's theme was "Gateways to Freedom: A Confluence of Truth, Knowledge, Joy, and Power" and it encouraged attendees to converge from different paths to a common journey of truth, knowledge, joy and power. Attendees left feeling inspired and eager to cultivate joy, the theme of this year's initiatives.
In addition to hosting faculty, staff and administrators, the conference also hosted students for the Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC). Collegiate's student attendees served as peer facilitators and they're eager to put their conference skills into action. They will work with Dr. Nefertiti Makeda as mentors for a middle school conference during LEAP Term using the leadership skills they acquired at the SDLC.

To learn more about the conference, please contact Dr. Makeda at nmakeda@norfolkcollegiate.org.

Middle/Upper School Campus

Lower School Campus