First LEGO League Team Heads to State Competition

Congratulations to the First LEGO League (FLL) team!!! They took home second place in robot performance in Division 2 and first place in the Innovation Project in Division 2 regional competition. The team now advances to states this weekend at James Madison University. If they win, they advance to national FLL competitions, and the students are hoping that their hard work over the last few months will secure their place in the national competition.
The team is comprised of students Jonas E. ’28, Cleveland J. '28, Robert M. '28, Zack H. ’29, Evelyn W. '29, Cadence B. '30, Sadie Z. '30, Giovanni S. '30, Carter R. '30, Declan W. '30 and Kolten K. '30.
FLL presents teams with a universal theme they must meet through robot design and a project. This year's theme is "Masterpiece" and students have been challenged with imagining new ways to create technology that changes how we create and communicate art across the globe using STEAM. They also must present an innovation piece as well.
For the Innovation Project, the team created a book aimed at a middle school-aged audience on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. NASA plans to launch the Clipper in 2025 to circle around Jupiter to gather information about Europa, where they believe that life exists on this moon. The Clipper is expected to reach Jupiter in the spring of 2030.
This weekend the team, which is comprised of veteran and new FLL members, will compete against all other regional champions throughout Virginia and Washington, D.C.
"We had an amazing season," said Jonas '28, an FLL team member and three-year veteran. "We all learned a lot."
Way to go, Oaks!!!

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