Mike Cutter '88 Tip-Off Tournament

Dear Norfolk Collegiate Community,
This past Saturday, Nov. 18, 2023, Norfolk Collegiate School hosted the inaugural Mike Cutter ’88 Tip-Off Basketball Tournament welcoming four schools including our own Mighty Oaks! The tournament was developed to honor the legacy of leadership and service of Mike Cutter ’88. Amy Cutter joined us at the tournament to share in her words the impact Mike made on his family, the school and the community. 
We are pleased to share Amy’s words with you and the announcement of the new Mike Cutter ’88 Student Leadership Endowment Fund. The fund will help provide Collegiate students with leadership and service opportunities to carry forward Mike’s legacy in the Norfolk and Hampton Roads communities. If you would like to support this fund, please make a gift using this link
Stacy Nixon
Assistant Head For Advancement

A Message From Amy Cutter…
Hello and good morning players and spectators,
We come together here today as a way to celebrate and honor the life of an extraordinary man, Mike Cutter. Mike's journey ended much too soon due to his ALS diagnosis, however, his life in this world was marked by a profound commitment to community, an unwavering love for his family—especially his two boys, Stanton and Archer, and his friends, many of whom have joined us today. Thank you for being here. 
Norfolk Collegiate School is Mike's alma mater of 13 years and this school held a special place in his heart. From his early years as a student to his role as a dedicated alumni leader, Mike embodied the values instilled in him from Collegiate—especially leading a life filled with purpose. He not only carried the lessons of Norfolk Collegiate with him but also shared them generously with others, ensuring that the flame of a strong community continues to burn brightly.
Mike’s love of this school extended beyond the classroom into the playing fields, where his athletic gifts shone. As a standout athlete in soccer, basketball, tennis, and lacrosse, Mike exemplified the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship. He went on to play soccer at Hampden-Sydney and continued playing soccer in the over-30 soccer league in Virginia Beach. The pinnacle of his post-scholastic sports was winning the indoor soccer championship in his 40s, along with Coach Porcaro. Mike’s commitment to sports didn't end with his own achievements; he passed down his passion and wisdom to the next generation as a devoted coach in his community and with great pride coaching his sons and their teammates, in baseball, soccer, and basketball. He lived with a true passion for fostering the potential of the youth in our community. Coach Cutter’s legacy is not just in the victories on the fields and the courts but in the invaluable life lessons he imparted through perseverance, dedication, passion, and leadership. Coaching was an important part of leading his life filled with purpose.
In his professional life, Mike was a strong advocate and proud citizen of the City of Norfolk. As a Business Development Manager and earlier in his roles in commercial real estate, Mike dedicated himself to the economic development of his hometown. His impact resonates in the thriving businesses and communities he helped build. Mike's dedication to the city went beyond his career, extending into various boards and associations. His commitment to the betterment of Norfolk was truly commendable and another large part of his life’s purpose.
As we remember Mike and mourn our loss, let us also celebrate the enduring legacy he leaves behind. The Mike Cutter Student Leadership Endowment Fund, established by Norfolk Collegiate in his honor, stands as a testament to his commitment to nurturing leadership and service in the youth of Norfolk.
Let us carry forward the light, the spirit and the hope of Mike Cutter. Let his love for Norfolk Collegiate, his love of sports, and his love for the city he called home inspire us to make a positive impact in our communities, just as he did throughout his remarkable life.
May his memory be a guiding light for us all to live fully, and with purpose as servant leaders in our communities.
Thanks so much,
Amy Cutter

Middle/Upper School Campus

Lower School Campus