Administrators, Faculty Gain Better Understanding of Experiences of Students of Color During Professional Development

Dr. Jackson Collins, Prep for Prep executive director, shared insight on the importance of lived experiences and a sense of belonging for students of color in their school during a recent professional development workshop. The session delved into research conducted on the experiences of students of color in independent schools in which they were the minority.

Faculty and staff worked together to share how Dr. Collins’ story affected them and to share their stories using “Cards on Race,” which is a deck of cards that helps individuals “develop racial literacy, empathy and the healthy racial coping strategies needed to navigate everyday world and our most challenging conversations on race,” according to

Dr. Collins’ workshop was one of many that Collegiate faculty, staff and administrators are participating in as part of our comprehensive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Initiative to create a more inclusive and supportive learning community for all students, families, faculty and staff.

Middle/Upper School Campus

Lower School Campus