Students' Art Installation on display at NEON Festival

Norfolk Collegiate's lower school students are bringing an interactive experience to this year's 6th annual NEON Festival, a celebration of local artists located in Norfolk’s Neon District on Thursday, Oct. 21, and Friday, Oct. 22.

Our second through fifth grade students will have their artwork on display on Friday, Oct. 22, from 6-10 p.m. in front of the Hugh R. Copeland Center, 112 W. Wilson Avenue, Norfolk.
About The Artwork
Third, fourth and fifth grade students have been working on a large-scale group installation piece, which will be at the event.

"The process has been a wonderful opportunity for our young artists to work together, problem solve and express themselves through art," said Margaret Hagan, lower school art teacher. Hagan coordinated the student-led project as a way for the students to get involved in a community event.

The inspiration for the piece came from Christo's Yavacheff "The Gates" in New York City, which features flags that people can walk under or around.

"Before beginning the piece, the students learned about installations by famous artists and began brainstorming ideas. Once they decided on an idea, they had to work as a team to build the structure," said Hagan of the project.

The piece is titled "Arches" and is made from recycled boxes and newspapers. It's also an interactive piece that you can walk through and experience. They completed the piece by each selecting "something that was important to them to add to the arches so it is like a collective, symbolic self-portrait of students," said Hagan.  

Our second graders also worked together on a large group weaving made of fabric and ribbon that will be on display also. The students have worked to weave it together to make a group tapestry. Students each added a symbolic tag to their yarn including their name and a picture of something they love.

About the Festival
The NEON Festival has is a free community event that features music, local artists, face painting, sidewalk chalk art and more. Most activities will be outside; however, there are a few businesses that are holding events and showing indoors.

If you would like additional information about the festival, please click here. If you have questions about the student piece, please contact Mrs. Hagan at

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