Trinity '22 competes in Miss Virginia Teen USA pageant

Trinity B. ’22 has never been one to seek out the spotlight. Yet when she was at home during the lockdown in the spring of 2020, she decided it was time to try something that took her outside of her comfort zone.

This weekend, the Norfolk Collegiate senior will be gracing the stage in the Miss Virginia Teen USA pageant in Richmond.

“It started over quarantine,” said Trinity. “First, I wanted to be a debutante for a sorority, but I wasn’t finding anything. Then I came across it. It was different, and with COVID, I wanted to try something different. I’m shy and like sports, not being in the spotlight.”

She was skeptical at first, but after some research and speaking with her parents, she decided to leap. She entered the pageant a few months before the competition, so she’s been busy learning how pageants work, including getting her gown made, practicing answering questions and being mentored by a former pageant queen.

“It’s been different, but I’m more excited than nervous,” said Trinity.

Each contestant will be judged in three areas: An interview, swimsuit/activewear and evening gown. In between those sections, the contestants are asked questions. Trinity’s favorite part is at the end when all the contestants come together.

“I’m shy and this whole thing has been about choosing something different,” Trinity said. “I want to open my mind and try new things. I want to be comfortable with others.”

While it’s not always been an easy venture, she’s happy she decided to take the leap. 

“It takes a lot to be confident in yourself,” Trinity said. “I had to realize that how I’m naturally built isn’t an issue. I had to look at myself in a positive light. I had a chance to get in touch with myself and my feelings. Confidence can vary depending on the day. It’s a roller coaster, and you have to hold on tight. You’re beautiful no matter what.”

How can you cheer on Trinity?

The pageant is not being televised; however, you can vote for Trinity in the People’s Choice Award now through Saturday by clicking here and casting your vote. Each vote received helps secure a spot for the contest in the semi-finals. It also benefits the Special Olympics of Virginia.  

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