Students Honored in Middle School Recognition Ceremony

The Class of 2025 closed their chapter on their middle school adventure and will begin their upper school experience come August. To celebrate their successes, the class was honored at the Middle School Recognition Ceremony on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, in the Hackney Theater.
Due to COVID protocol, the event was livestreamed for parents and family members to join in the celebration.
It also marked the first time the students were in the Hackney Theater this year.
“I am delighted that we are able to be here together in this wonderful theater for the first time this year to celebrate the participation, effort and accomplishments of all of our students. You are, each and every one of you, interesting people, wonderful storytellers, keen judges of character and motive, formidable debaters, and loyal friends. And, perhaps above all this year, resilient spirits who show us how to keep moving forward—even in the face of a pandemic that threatened to keep us from doing what we love—living and learning together,” said Charlene Loope, interim head of middle school.
Congratulations to the following Oaks on their accomplishments:
Leadership Certificates:
First Semester Student Government Association
  • Mackenzie F., president
  • Kyle P., vice president
  • Christian F., seventh grade representative
  • Skyla F., sixth grade representative
Second Semester Student Government Association
  • Jaden D., president
  • Riley S., vice president
  • Bella C., seventh grade representative
  • Caymus F., sixth grade representative
Honor Council Leadership Certificates
  • Sixth Grade: Evangalia B., Madelyn P., Millie R.
  • Seventh Grade: David S., Hailey G., Karina L.
  • Eighth Grade: Mary F., Austin H., Evan W.
National Junior Honor Society Leadership Certificates:
  • Officers: Mackenzie F., president; Austin H., vice president; Mary F., secretary; Evan W., Henry F. and Mylo B., board members
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) Student Advisory
  • Sixth Grade: Millie R., Evangelia B.
  • Seventh Grade: Hailey G., Elizabeth H., Charlotte H., Natalie K., David S., Emear S., Joshua T.
Eighth Grade: Sarah B., Reilly S., Martin T.
Academic Competition Participation
The Scripps Spelling Bee School Wide Winner
  • Carmen G.
The Robert S. Sergeant Upper Division Forensics Tournament
  • Evan Wallach earned third place for boys prose
  • Austin H. earned third place boys storytelling
The Norfolk Public Library Book Review Contest:
Eighth Grade Winners
  • Sarah B., first place
  • Jaden D., second place
Seventh Grade Winner
  • Bella C., second place
Sixth Grade Winners
  • Brayden W., first place
  • Alley M., second place
  • Michael C., third place
Robotics Team
Our First Lego League Robotics Team earned two awards at the Regional Qualifier Tournament: Second place in robot performance and first place in robot design; and at the Championship Tournament for First Lego League of Virginia and Washington, DC, they won second place for robot performance.
  • Austin H., Colin M., Parker H., Luke H., Donavan B., Natalie K., Bethuel T.
Week of Service Award
The following students chose to give at least 40 hours or more of their time in service to their communities.
  • Austin H., Bridget D.
Academic Excellence Awards
  • Eleanor L., Excellence in French 1A
  • Kimaya B., Excellence in French 1B
  • Jacob M., Excellence in Latin 6
  • Carter K., Excellence in Spanish 1A
  • Jordyn A., Excellence in Spanish 1B
  • Skyla F., Excellence in English 6
  • Kylie L., Excellence in English 7
  • Natalie H., Excellence in English 8
  • Evangelia B., Excellence in Writing 6
  • Bella C., Excellence in Writing 7
  • Carmen G., Excellence in Writing 8
  • Anna R., Excellence in Health and PE 6
  • Hastin Shah, Excellence in Health and PE 6
  • Eleanor L., Excellence in Health and PE 7
  • Leo D., Excellence in Health and PE 7
  • Riley S., Excellence in Health and PE 8
  • Rocco C., Excellence in Health and PE 8
  • Will F., Excellence in Band 6
  • Luke H., Excellence in Band 7
  • Bronson G., Excellence in Band 8
  • Alley M., Excellence in Art 6
  • Charlotte J., Excellence in Art 7
  • Sarah B., Excellence in Art 8
  • Bethuel T., Excellence in Science 6
  • David S., Excellence in Science 7
  • Caitlin S., Excellence in Science 8
  • Michael C., Excellence in Computer Science Discovery
  • Mike H., Excellence in Design Thinking 6
  • Donovan B., Excellence in Design Thinking 7
  • Madie M., Excellence in Design Thinking 8
  • Ethan P., Excellence in Math 6
  • Peyton S., Excellence in Pre-Algebra
  • Rocco C., Excellence in Math 8
  • Owen K., Excellence in Geography 6
  • Hailey G., Excellence in Geography 7
  • Evan W., Excellence in History 8
Honors Roll Recipients
  • Jordyn A., Robbie B., Kimaya B., Sarah B., Millie D., Mary F., Will F., Henry F., Christian F., Carmen G., Jackson H., Mike H., Jake H., Charlotte H., Charlotte J., Ryan K., Emersyn K., Andrew L., Jacob M., Cora M., Vincent M., Andrew M., Anna R., Peyton R., Ethan S., Hastin S., Emear S., Elliot T., Jayden W.
Middle School High Honors Recipients
  • Donavan B., Anya B., Evangelia B., Alexa B., Bella C., Michael C., Bridget D., Mackenzie F., Levi F., Skyla F., Hailey G., Luke H., Natalie H., Austin H., Carter K., Miles K., Eleanor L., Kylie L., Charlotte M., Alley M., Maddie M., Ethan P., Dinari R., Millie R., David S., Caitlin S., Peyton S., Riley S., Joshua T., Bethuel T., Evan W.
Citizen Scholar Award
Citizen Scholar Award Grade 6
  • Millie R., Caymus F.
Citizen Scholar Award Grade 7
  • Emear S., Peyton R.
Citizen Scholar Award Grade 8
  • Riley S., Martin T.
Captain J.J. George Award for Excellence in Math
  • Evan W.
Louise Vermillion Award for Excellence in Algebra I
  • Carter K.
Roz Klein Award
  • Mary F.
 Scholar-Athlete Award
  • Mackenzie F.
  • Austin H.
Certificates of Completion for the Class of 2025
  • Jordyn A.
  • Mylo B.
  • Kimaya B.
  • Justin B.
  • Sarah B.
  • Bradley C.
  • Rocco C.
  • Jayden D.
  • Bridget D.
  • Millie D.
  • Mackenzie F.
  • Mary F.
  • Henry F.
  • Carmen G.
  • Bronson G.
  • Natalie H.
  • Parker H.
  • Parker H.
  • Austin H.
  • Colin M.
  • Andrew M.
  • Vincent M.
  • Madeline M.
  • Kyle P.
  • Jack P.
  • Caitlin S.
  • Riley S.
  • Charlotte T.
  • Collin T.
  • Martin T.
  • Elliot T.
  • Jayden W.
  • Evan W.
  • Brandon W.

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