Middle school is a time of profound growth and change.

Education Should Be a Shared Experience

Middle school is a time of profound growth and change. At Norfolk Collegiate, our students develop the academic skills and sense of agency over their learning, time and lives that are key to healthy adolescent development.

Challenging Academics

Our students benefit from a strong core academic program that allows for seamless transition to upper school (Grades 9-12) coursework, while intentionally employing teaching approaches that are hands-on, creative and allow for student choice and voice.

We believe that students in Grades 6-8 learn best when they challenge themselves academically and see connections between what they learn in school and the world around them. We do this by providing:
  • Engaging, real-world approach to learning that guides our students to discover interests and talents that form the foundation for lifelong intellectual and personal pursuits.
  • Project-based learning is a key teaching methodology we use to allow students to explore topics through in-depth research, connection to experts in the field, and creation of final products that reach audiences beyond just their teachers.
We’re committed to every middle school student being engaged in high-quality, project-based learning experiences throughout their academic year and across disciplines.

Developing Independence

In middle school, learning happens everywhere. Our middle school educators are experts at providing students the right balance of structure and independence in their coursework and during their non-academic time on campus. Teachers connect with students in hallways between classes, during lunch and at other transitions during the day, while also allowing them enough space and guidance to develop their own sense of identity as students, friends and members of the school community.

Beginning in grade six, middle school students:
  • May choose to represent the Oaks on the field or court as a member of one of our athletic teams.
  • May elect to join our afterschool LEGO Robotics team
  • May participate in our spring musical.
These extracurricular activities provide additional opportunities for middle school students to develop important life skills such as teamwork and perseverance as they continue to grow as individuals.

Community, Connection and Support

We’re committed to our caring and vibrant school culture, which is achieved through the following:
  • Our days begin with small advisory group meetings that set the tone for a connected day of learning.
  • Our mid-day community time allows students and faculty to meet in a more relaxed setting outside of the academic curriculum. Through a variety of mini-elective options based on our faculty’s own hobbies and passions, and through advisory group discussions on relevant and timely topics, our students feel connected to caring adults who know them as individuals.
  • Our entire middle school community gathers weekly for a lively, student-led school meeting which always includes sharing of creative student work, fun challenges between grade levels and much middle school camaraderie.
  • Our program includes an experienced school counselor who understands the unique developmental and social-emotional needs of early and middle adolescent students.
  • Our dedicated middle school dean of students plans a variety of student life events and assists students when individual needs and challenges arise.
  • Our learning resource center is available to support the academic needs of middle school students who require additional support.

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