Relationships are at the Heart of Norfolk Collegiate

Cleteus Smith
Children learn through the pure act of playing. At Norfolk Collegiate's lower school, our students also learn through tinkering, analyzing, exploring, debating and reimagining equations, concepts and their learning. It's difficult to image, but

Therefore, it’s critically important that 21st century education has 22nd century planning by teaching students to think critically, creatively and collaboratively. At Collegiate, our students exhibit this daily in the classroom, on the playground and more.

How Do We Do That?

The heart of Norfolk Collegiate is the relationships we foster with our students and their families.

1 | It Begins with the Individual Learner
Our dedicated and highly skilled faculty truly get to know every child in a warm and nurturing classroom environment. Not only do they strive to meet each student developmentally, but we also learn what motivates each student to excel. We do this by talking to him, asking her questions, assessing his abilities, and truly becoming acquainted with her personally and sincerely. Each relationship is authentic and pure.

2 | And Extends to the Family
We extend that same close educational collaboration with our families throughout the school. We truly value our partnerships to help your child reach his or her highest abilities.

3 | Combines Rigorous and Innovative Programs
We relish the juxtaposition of offering a rigorous and innovative curriculum by presenting it in a fun, hands-on and engaging manner. This is accomplished by giving the student voice through his or her lessons. Whether it’s through relevant and collaborative project learning, or by each child taking ownership of his or her instruction, the desired outcome is an authentic, positive and joyful experience.

4 | We Cover the Fundamentals and Then Go All Out
Our creative and progressive instruction leads each student through a tapestry of carefully woven curricula across all subject matters such as reading, writing and arithmetic, and adding daily resource specials like art, music, computer arts, library and Spanish. The children not only exercise their minds, but also their bodies in physical education every day.

5 | We Break Through Walls with Innovative Spaces & Programs
No longer is education stymied by classrooms of the past. Our students break through those walls by learning and playing in creative and flexible learning environments. Whether it’s through hands-on science lessons with our chickens in the Oak Roost, or koi fish in our hydroponics pond in our Outdoor Learning Lab, nature plays a key role in your child’s development. Be it inside or outside, we offer tactile and engaging learning that encourages our young scholars to examine and make sense of their world.

Our future relies on critical thinkers, explorers and doers. Welcome to Norfolk Collegiate! That is just who we are!

Cleteus Smith is head of the lower school. He’s an early childhood expert who spent many years educating children before becoming an administrator at Norfolk Collegiate. You may reach him at

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