While the primary responsibility for financing a student's independent school education rests with the family, Norfolk Collegiate understands that this may appear to be beyond their means.  Norfolk Collegiate has funds available for need-based financial aid to help ease this burden.



Norfolk Collegiate is committed to making assistance available to as many eligible applicants as possible. To allocate our resources impartially, we have enlisted the help of Independent School Management's Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) program to provide a need-based financial aid analysis service. Applications are reviewed by a Financial Aid Committee comprised of school administrators and awards are decided based on the FAST financial aid report.

Please note that financial aid is not available for our pre-kindergarten program.

How to apply for financial aid 

You must apply for financial aid each year. It does not roll over automatically.

We use the FAST system for financial aid applications. You may access FAST by clicking here. Every family seeking financial aid, whether new applicants or currently enrolled, must complete the FAST application each year.

There are four useful items on the lower left side of the FAST opening page:

Once you have reviewed the helpful links, you will need to submit an application. To proceed with the application, click the “Start Application” button on the opening page. Please complete applications as soon as possible. Applications for returning students must be received by March 1, 2018. Norfolk Collegiate allocates financial aid funds to returning families in March. Financial aid funds may not be available for late applications.

FAST requires copies of your state and federal tax returns. Please follow the instructions in the application and send them to FAST by surface mail or electronically.  Do NOT send your tax information directly to the school.

There is a non-refundable $43 fee required to complete the FAST application. Once completed, the application becomes available immediately for review by the Financial Aid Committee. Although funds will be allocated internally by the school for tracking purposes, financial aid awards will not be finalized and communicated to you until FAST has verified your tax information.

You may be contacted by the Business Office if additional information is needed. 

All financial information is held in strict confidence and is reviewed only by those directly responsible for determining need. Admission to the school is independent of need, and a family is informed of any award only after admission to the school has been offered.

For more information about financial aid at Norfolk Collegiate, please contact our Director of Admissions Mary Peccie at or 757.480.1495.  


Additional Financial Aid Resources