While the primary responsibility for financing a student's independent school education rests with the family, Norfolk Collegiate understands that this may appear to be beyond their means.  Norfolk Collegiate has funds available for need-based financial aid to help ease this burden.



Norfolk Collegiate is committed to making assistance available to as many eligible applicants as possible. To allocate our resources impartially, we have enlisted the help of Independent School Management's FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) program to provide a need-based financial aid analysis service. Applications are reviewed by a Financial Aid Committee comprised of school administrators and awards are decided based on the FAST financial aid report.

It is important to submit the application as soon as possible.  

How to apply for financial aid 

  1. Complete the Norfolk Collegiate Financial Aid Online Application. Each student’s family, new applicants andcurrently enrolled, must submit all required forms annually to the Business Office.

  2. To proceed, click the Get Started button at the bottom of the first page. All your financial information should be entered directly through their secure server. Space is also provided to fill out additional information that may be pertinent to your application. 

  3. Please complete the Checklist for Documents Needed and mail all documents directly to FAST processing. Be sure to include your completed 2017 federal tax return 1040 and state tax return.

  4. There will be a non-refundable fee of $41 required to process this application. Once completed, the application will be available immediately for the Financial Aid Committee’s review. 

You may be contacted by the Business Office if additional information is needed. 

All financial information is held in strict confidence and is reviewed only by those directly responsible for determining need. Admission to the school is independent of need, and a family is informed of any award only after admission to the school has been offered.

For more information about financial aid at Norfolk Collegiate, please contact our Director of Admissions Mary Peccie at or 757.480.1495.  


Additional Financial Aid Resources