Financial Assistance

Tuition Assistance is Grants, Not Loans

Many families assume they cannot afford a Norfolk Collegiate education. We’re committed to creating a diverse community of the brightest students from Hampton Roads and North Carolina. So, we’ve worked hard to create a generous tuition assistance program that allows families of all income levels and backgrounds to come together to create a diverse community in which your child will grow and thrive.

That’s why Collegiate awards generous tuition assistance grants to our families each year! More than $2 million in tuition assistance was awarded to our families for the 2020-21 year in the form of grants and not loans, so your family can benefit from a Collegiate education without having to repay them.


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  • Students Received Assistance

  • of Students

  • Average Grant

Many families also assume they will not qualify for assistance; however, there are many factors that go into determining tuition assistance for our families. Assistance is need-based, and we have families who qualify at myriad levels. 

In fact, over 40 percent of families receive tuition assistance. 

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  • <$60K

  • $60-$100K

  • Over $100K

Some factors that help to determine who is awarded tuition assistance grants are:
  • Income
  • Savings
  • Assets
  • Investments
  • Unusual circumstances
  • Family size and more

Applying for assistance is easy, and we’re happy to assist with any questions your family has while navigating the process. A Collegiate education is a great education and an even better experience. Let us help you explore it today.

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