What is our community saying?

Norfolk Collegiate is a dynamic community! We welcome you to learn more by visiting our school and seeing our students and teachers in action. Please click the image below to view a short video about our community.

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Norfolk Collegiate Students at Belltower

"Norfolk Collegiate lower school is a wonderful school community. The principal and the teachers are so caring and take an interest in each individual child. Our son is in third grade, and he absolutely loves it. As parents, we appreciate the environment that he is in and the values that are being instilled!"

Amber and Drew Ungvarsky, parents


"It was our first year at Norfolk Collegiate—we came from a small parochial school—and I worried if my son would be lost in the new, bigger school environment…I am ecstatic to say that this was an amazing year! Our family was welcomed with open arms and treated like we were family from day one. Every turn we had a teacher, an administrator, a coach, anyone and everyone at the school cheering my son on and available to me if I needed them. He had a great freshman year in his new school, and I cannot sing the praises of this amazing school loud enough. Norfolk Collegiate was a blessing to our family, and I can’t thank them enough for providing such a great school in Norfolk. If you are looking for a top of the line education with a loving family atmosphere, I encourage you to come home to Norfolk Collegiate…you won’t regret it!"

Deniece Byrne, parent

"Norfolk Collegiate has provided many amazing opportunities for my daughters. Entering as middle schoolers, I was concerned about them making friends and fitting in at a new school; however, it was a seamless transition. Their classmates were very welcoming and they became part of the Collegiate family in no time at all. Norfolk Collegiate provides challenging and diverse academic offerings as well as the opportunity to be involved in sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. I can truly say my children enjoy going to school every day, and I feel happy knowing they are in a supportive and healthy environment."

Katie Campbell, parent



"Without Norfolk Collegiate, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with trying new things. Not only does Collegiate give every student opportunities, but students feel comfortable taking those opportunities." 

Gabriella Allen '19, student


"Being a part of the Norfolk Collegiate community is an honor. Every day I came to school and I knew that people would be there to help me achieve my goals in and out of the classroom. Collegiate gave me tools to become a better person every day." 

Miles Edmond '18, alumnus


"I am thankful that Norfolk Collegiate offered me so many opportunities to grow and develop as a student and a person. I am also thankful for the family-like community at Norfolk Collegiate, the ability to create strong bonds with other students and teachers." 

Brooke Walthall '18, alumnae


"Collegiate was my home away from home, providing me with an experience I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. I feel so prepared for college and life. The more important thing is life; Collegiate gave me friends that I will have for the rest of my life, and I will forever be grateful for that. Collegiate is so special not for its education or athletics, (which are both still special) but for the connections the students make with other students, faculty and staff. The faculty are amazing people who care so much. Thank you, Norfolk Collegiate . You gave me the best time I could have imagined."

Peyton Fancher '15, alumnae



"The community has truly been my family, and I would not trade our community for anything. It goes beyond academic and athletic achievement; our community looks out for one another, and we help each other do our best regardless of the situation. The Norfolk Collegiate community is my 700 person extended family." 

Tyler Smith '16, alumnae



“Norfolk Collegiate has always given me a sense of community and connectivity both during my time there and after graduating. There’s that common thread and community feel that Norfolk Collegiate provides. It’s what also makes Norfolk Collegiate unique. We are part of an extended family here.”  

Katie Kiefner Nonemaker '96, alumnae



“My son, Christian, absolutely loves Norfolk Collegiate! I’ve always had to force him out of the car at his previous schools; he has never loved school like the way he loves schools here. He actually gets upset when holidays are on a school day because he’s unable to go to school to see his new friends and go to class! Kudos, Norfolk Collegiate!" 

Bev Callaghan, parent