Norfolk Collegiate middle school production of "A Night on Broadway"

Give a gift that will last and makes an impact

Don't get stuck in the last-minute holiday shopping rush! Instead, give a gift that will last while also supporting the teachers and students at Norfolk Collegiate!

Give a gift of $500 to the Collegiate Fund and honor a loved one with an inscribed "seat" in the our Hackney Theater.

The Meredith Center for the Arts, which opened in March 2013, has transformed our communication, visual and performing arts programs at Norfolk Collegiate, opening a world of opportunity for our passionate and talented students. Whether showcasing student productions, lively debates or learning from a campus visitor, your inscribed “seat” will be a part of every performance, presentation and assembly that graces the stage.

Norfolk Collegiate is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  

For more information, please contact our development team at 757.480.2348 or