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At Norfolk Collegiate, we believe in the power of community. With thousands of graduates and even more families and community partners, we have a large reach in Hampton Roads, the nation and beyond.

Within the following pages are businesses that are affiliated with Norfolk Collegiate, including businesses owned by alumni, current and past parents, grandparents and community partners. When it comes time for you to support local businesses, please flip through these pages and select a fellow Oak.

Please note that this is an live directory and will grow as businesses add their information, so please review it every few weeks to make sure you have the most current edition. Participants have opted-in to the directory and are listed with information they have provided.

If you know someone or a business that should be listed, please encourage them to submit their business for inclusion via the link to the right. Once completed and submitted, we will add the business to our listing and republish in the coming weeks and months as the directory builds.
Regardless of the industry, please share your business information via the link below so we can share with other Collegiate families—current and past—to help support you.

Click here to add your business listing the the directory.
Please contact Cayte Brown '08 at

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