Norfolk Collegiate_A Pre-K Through Grade 12 Private School In Norfolk, VA 

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For more than 70 years, Norfolk Collegiate has been providing the best education in a way that energizes our students to take ownership of their own growth while being supported by dedicated faculty and staff. Key to our mission is guiding each student on his or her journey to being a doer, thinker and explorer. We continually create programs that teach our students how to learn and not just how to be taught—an essential skill for the next generation of college students.

We rely on our parents, alumni, friends and community to fulfill our mission. Tuition alone does not cover the innovative environment in which our students thrive, thus charitable giving is an invaluable part of our school’s fabric.

Collegiate’s community has a strong tradition of giving back with faculty and trustees leading the way with 100 percent giving—parents and grandparents volunteer, faculty and staff provide guidance and students serve the greater community.      



By supporting us through the Collegiate Fund, you are securing an exceptional experience for every student—from creating in the MakerLabs and learning in a flexible classroom to experimenting in university-level science labs, performing in the Meredith Center for the Arts and competing on state-of-the-art turf fields. 

Your support ensures we continue to provide innovative programming to help our students develop the 21st century skills needed to live meaningful lives of purpose and fulfillment.

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How Your Support Impacts Our Students

The Collegiate, Norfolk Collegiate’s annual philanthropy report and year in review magazine, highlights some of the experiential learning opportunities, student-life activities and innovative instruction that allows Collegiate to continue to provide our students with a great education and an even better experience. See how your support ensures we continue to provide our students innovative learning for a changing world.