1963 Society

Established to provide much-deserved recognition to those donors that the school can count on to contribute to the Annual Fund each and every year, members of this new society must give for three or more consecutive years. Consecutive gifts—no matter the size—are crucial to the success of the  school and its students. These gifts provide a powerful foundation each year from which Norfolk Collegiate can support critical aspects of the student experience.

Named for the year in which Carolton Oaks School graduated its first class of seniors, our institution has flourished and grown in educational offerings, extracurricular activities and facilities. It's because of our generous supporters, particularly those that have invested in our school year after year, that has led to the successes of Norfolk Collegiate and our dynamic students. 

We celebrate the launch of the 1963 Society by also celebrating someone who has supported this school in countless ways for decades. For 29 consecutive years, Mr. Will King has endlessly sought to promote the welfare of our students and this institution. Still one of our biggest cheerleaders, Mr. King has supported the Collegiate Fund since 1986 and to this very day impacts our students’ education with his annual gift. 


“As a former Norfolk Collegiate parent, board member, and administrator, I quickly learned the importance of contributing to the Annual Giving Campaign.   I understood how contributions met the basic needs of the school and that tuition and fees would never cover the cost of operating the school each year.  Now as a grandparent, I reflect on how Norfolk Collegiate has grown and improved over the years and the excellent education afforded to my children and grandchildren, and I consider annual giving a privilege. I will continue to give as much as I am able for as long as I am able.” 

Mr. Will King, Headmaster 1988-2008


Notes on Determining Membership:

  • Annual Fund recognition is based on the total of gifts, pledge payments, and matching gifts received in a single fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).  Unpaid pledges are not included.   
  • Gifts designated to areas of the school other than the Annual Fund are appreciated, but are not considered when determining membership in the 1963 Society.   
  • Once achieved, membership in the 1963 Society will continue until a fiscal year passes in which the member does not make a gift to the Annual Fund.  Former members can rejoin in the 1963 Society after resuming their support of the Annual Fund for three consecutive years.   

Stacy Nixon, assistant head for advancement, is available to answer your questions at 757.583.0921 or via email at snixon@norfolkcollegiate.org.