Teacher to be taped to bell tower in support of fundraising efforts

Philanthropy is a major component of a Norfolk Collegiate education and our students learn daily the impact it has on their community. 

Each year, the senior class is challenged to meet 100 percent giving with the Jefferson Challenge, which supports the Annual Fund. The Class of 2016 met this goal and encouraged the upper school to join the effort.

The Jefferson Challenge is an annual senior class tradition that began in 2002 and received its name because Thomas Jefferson’s photo appears on a $2 bill that is given to each senior.

The Class of 2016 has challenged the entire upper school body to reach $1,000 in giving and with each goal reached, the faculty and staff have agreed to specific incentives. Earlier this year, upper school Dean of Students Nicole Weyer donned a banana suit. 

This Thursday, April 21, teacher Evan Benedict has happily agreed to be taped to the Scribner Bell Tower during morning drop off from 7:30-8 a.m. Please don't be alarmed if you see Mr. Benedict taped to the tower. He is being supervised by our staff and has agreed to the incentive.  

A goal of $750 means Headmaster Scott Kennedy will pierce his ear. Once the school reaches $1,000, Head of the Upper School Dr. Chuck McCormick has agreed to shave his head.  

Click here to read more about the challenge. If you would like to donate to the Annual Fund, please click here.