Norfolk Collegiate Green Team Environmental Club 

Upper School Opportunities

Throughout the year, Norfolk Collegiate’s upper school provides students with the opportunity for social interaction outside the normal school day. Whether it’s attending a dance, leading the way in the Student Government Association, starting a new club or taking to the fields or stage, the student life options are endless.

Below are some of the student life activities available to our upper school students.

Leadership Opportunities   

  • Honor Council
  • National English Honor Society            
  • National Honor Society
  • Student Government Association



Volunteer service also is encouraged in the Upper School. Students volunteer by advisory group during the Upper School Day of Service at a non-profit of their choice. Favorite charities include the SPCA, the Ronald McDonald House, the Norfolk Botanical Garden, ForKids, Good Mojo Thrift Store, the Salvation Army and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.


Clubs and Activities

Norfolk Collegiate also offers a wide range of clubs and organizations for our students, including, but not limited to the ones listed below.

  • ALS Club
  • Alzheimers Awareness
  • Art Club
  • Bake Club
  • Band Club
  • Book Club
  • Debate Club
  • Dev Team
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Equal Rights Activists
  • Future Military Leaders
  • Interact Rotary Club
  • Jeopardy Club
  • Latin Club
  • Lettuce Club
  • Math Club
  • Music Club
  • Operation Smile
  • Ping Pong Club
  • POCA
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Save the Bees
  • Spanish Club
  • Sports Talk Club
  • Stand for the Silent
  • The Art of Tea
  • The Green Team
  • The Oak Leaf
  • Water Crisis

Please note that the clubs are based upon student interest and change each year.


Social Events

Throughout the year, the school hosts several outings for the students. These include dances, such as:

  • Homecoming
  • Winter Dance
  • Prom


Signature outings

At the beginning of each year, members of the freshman and sophomore class leave campus and under the leadership of several school leaders, participate in activities that develop their leadership skills, teambuilding activities and class bonding activities. Those events include the Freshman Retreat and the Sophomore Trek.