Middle School Student Life Opportunities

We believe that middle school is a time for our students to accept new challenges, engage in new activities and stretch their wings. Our students are able to do this in a variety of ways in the Middle School, from participating in organized athletics to finding their voice in chorus or discovering their inner inventor and problem-solver in Destination Imagination. 

CLUBS and Activities:

  • Spelling bee
  • Geography bee
  • Vocabulary bee
  • Forensics
  • Dodgeball
  • Basketball
  • Outdoor sports
  • Art and art contests
  • Newspaper
  • Glee
  • Book club


Leadership opportunities

Leadership can take many forms, so we pride ourselves on offering our students the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to lead, whether it’s through collaborative classroom work or serving in the Student Government Association. Opportunities include: 

  • Student Government Association
  • The Ambassador Society
  • Honor Council 



Volunteer service also is encouraged in the Middle School. Each grade level volunteers by advisory group one early dismissal day at a non-profit of their choice. Favorite charities include the SPCA, the Ronald McDonald House, the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and Nauticus. A partnership with Hospitality for the Homeless and other area non-profits enables students to volunteer on campus after school.


Social Outings

Four times a year, the SGA hosts Hangout Nights on campus. These events are complete with musical entertainment from an area DJ, dancing and refreshments. The Watt-Baker Gymnasium are also open for students to participate in basketball, nerf football and jump rope. 

In November, the school also hosts the Holly Dance, which is a more formal dance.