Lego Stem fundamentals

Grades 1-3 l Monday

  • Your child will master his or her engineering skills using Play-Well TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGO parts! Students will apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as gondolas, zombie crawlers, helicopters and a monorail train! Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. There are no prerequisites and each season will feature unique projects, STEM concepts and new adventures! 

Chinese Language & Culture 

Grades 3-5 l Tuesday 

  • Your child will join Ms. Wesi Boyer, former lower school strings teacher, on a journey in her native language Chinese 中文- Mandarin 普通话. Students will learn art with Chinese words, the sound of music and much more. Joining our Oaks on the adventure will be Ms. Boyer’s mother, Ms. Mak, a well known singer in Northern China and specialist of Chinese language.


Grades 2-5 | Thursday 

  • Championship Chess presents a systematic, fun way to build your child’s chess skills while students play and learn through instruction. Studies show that chess improves math, reading and problem-solving skills and our methods connect these academic benefits to our classes. Classes are led by Kala Dawson of Championship Chess and include instruction, chess play and guided analysis. 



Grades 3-5 | Monday & Wednesday  

  • Girls on the Run is a life-changing, fun program for girls in fourth and fifth grade. It meets twice a week and combines training for a 5K running event with self-esteem and uplifting workouts. The program encourages positive emotional, social, mental and physical development. Registration begins Sept. 16 and the program begins Sept. 23 and ends with 5K Girls on the Run race on Dec. 15. You must complete an online registration form with Girls on the Run at https://www.gotrhr.org/. According to the Girls on the Run guidelines, this club needs a minimum of eight girls enrolled to proceed. Registrants will be notified by Sept. 20 with a final confirmation.


Music and Movement 

Pre-K 3 & 4 I Tuesday 

  • Students will burn energy, work on their gross motor skills, balance and coordination all while utilizing both sides of their brain. They will dance to fun music and use props that will coordinate with monthly classroom themes. Students do not need special attire. They may wear regular school clothes for this program.


Grades K- 2 | Tuesday

  • Students will learn a progression of ballet and jazz technique while having fun through the use of props, kid-friendly music and a positive atmosphere. Students will have the opportunity to participate in Little Feet Dance Studio’s annual dance recital held at the end of the school year. Girls should wear leotard/tights or leggings and a fitted shirt. Boys should wear comfortable athletic wear. All students should wear ballet or tap shoes.


Pre-K3 & 4 -Grade 2 | Wednesday 

  • Soccer Shots is a uniquely designed program that will introduce soccer to your child in a fun, safe and controlled environment. The program focuses on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship. Children will be introduced to tactical elements of the game as they prepare to play on competitive teams. Soccer Shots is a national leader in youth soccer development with the innovative lesson plans tailored to the distinct age-group. No soccer gear needed, as all equipment is provided by the program leaders.  


Grades 3-5 I Thursday 

  • Students will have an opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga, including relaxation, body awareness, flexibility, strength and coordination. Students should wear leggings and a fitted shirt or tank top. Yoga mat is required.


Kindergarten-Grade 5 | Thursday 

  • In collaboration with Norfolk Karate Academy, our martial arts enrichment course will teach your child the basic stances, kicks, blocks and strikes used in karate along with self-defense techniques from Gracie Jiu Jitsu and verbal skills for dealing with bullies. The program will increase your child’s confidence and self-esteem by teaching him or her how to respond to intimidating or aggressive behavior. Each student also is dual-enrolled for additional classes at Norfolk Karate Academy for the duration of the course. Upon successful completion of the course, your child will be awarded a stripe on his or her belt. If the student completes all three courses offered during the school year, he or her is eligible for promotion to the next belt level. Please note all students must have a uniform, which are available for purchase of $35, if needed.  




Grades 1-5 

  • Weis Boyer has been teaching violin, viola and cello for beginning and advanced students at Norfolk Collegiate for more than 10 years. During the lessons, students will learn how to play the instrument and read music simultaneously. Depending on your child’s needs and desired type, Boyer will offer group or private lessons. She also will be able to help students find instruments to rent or buy, as needed. Lessons will be scheduled after a completed registration form is received. Boyer has 23 years of experience with Norfolk Collegiate and is a full-time violinist for the Virginia Symphony, as well as a member of Suzuki Teachers’ Association of Hampton Roads. For more information, please contact Boyer at wcboyer@cox.net.  


Kindergarten-Grade 5 | Monday & Wednesday

  • Builds your child’s musical skills while also exploring his or her musical interests and talents outside of the classroom with piano lessons. Each child enrolled in piano lessons will enjoy a 30-minute, one-on-one private lessons at his or her own pace. Students will take part in 10 private lessons and one studio class (group performance) per session that will culminate with a recital in May. Ownership of a piano or keyboard at home, as well as a schedule that allows for appropriate practice time at home, are important prerequisites for piano registration at Norfolk Collegiate. To schedule piano lessons, please contact Oksana Lutsyshyn at olutsysh@odu.edu.