Sophomores’ Trek through Camp Arrowhead a Wild Success

Sophomore students trekked to Camp Arrowhead this September for two days of bonding with fellow homeroom students and teachers!

Tabitha Thornton thought it was the perfect time to get to know her new homeroom teacher.

“Mrs. Montgomery is new this year, so it was nice for all of us to get to know her a little better,” she says. “We had to balance a giant platform with all of us on it and get our homeroom through a human-sized spider web. So we definitely bonded!”

Several exercises were designed to help students look inward and better understand their own learning styles. Upper school Associate Director of College Counseling Val Ortiz lead a workshop in learning styles to enlighten sophomores about how they learn best and interact with others. Then students slowed down with a yoga class to help them center their focus and add some mindfulness to their daily routine.

Students were given the chance to climb the Alpine Tower, a rock-climbing wall they last saw during their Freshman Retreat the previous year, and faculty was pleased to see so many students climb the tower and overcome their fears.

“This trip was the perfect way to build the smaller communities within the great Norfolk Collegiate community,” says Upper School Dean of Students Nicole Weyer. “We really saw homeroom classes bond and grow stronger ties to each other, and that only strengthens our community at large.”

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