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Sophomore Trek presents opportunity for bonding and leadership

Building trust and unity among the Class of 2019 is what the Sophomore Trek provided our students on Friday, Sept. 9.

For the third consecutive year, our sophomore class returned to YMCA Camp Arrowhead in Suffolk to promote leadership, enhance teamwork and share laughter with their peers.

“The Sophomore Trek is a day off campus where our students enhance communication and problem-solving skills, learn how to support one another and work together to overcome challenges while building beneficial relationships,” said Nicole Weyer, upper school dean of students.

The trek served as a great way for new students to build bonds with their new classmates and allowed advisors a chance to get to know their students outside of the classroom.

“We learned how to be more supportive of our peers, work as a team and think of ideas to help each other,” said Meg Lockhart ’19. “The trek taught us how to listen to one another and how to consider everyone’s ideas.”

“Learning to listen to other’s perspectives is a key component of the Sophomore Trek,” said Weyer. “Also, learning how to support one another during challenges, offering guidance, thinking outside of the box and trying new activities are ways that helped our students to grow during the trip.”

Not only did the trek help to strengthen the bond among the class, it also created a space for our teachers to learn more about their students, boost creativity and self-esteem and enhance learning within the classroom.

“I love serving as a chaperone on experiences such as the Sophomore Trek and the Freshman Retreat. It gives me the chance to get to know students that I might not have in class or in advisory,” Brendan Hoyle, theater director and coordinator of maker education. “I get to see how the students solve problems, which helps me to develop lesson plans and projects that will benefit my classes. The Sophomore Trek is an essential experience for our students. It provides a fun and engaging way for the students to connect and bond as a class. The students and teachers have the opportunity to interact in unique circumstances in a cool outdoor setting.”

“It taught us a lot about each other and how we interact as a grade,” said Lila Spurgeon ’19. “Also, we learned how to work together as a team, how people work under pressure and who naturally takes on leadership roles within our class.”

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