World History ACTIVITIES

Below are links to government activities (PDF documents) in the Library of Congress "Teaching with Primary Sources" library.

For questions, please contact Paige Solomon at psolomon@norfolkcollegiate.org.


Ancient and Medieval World History: First day of class Connecting with Primary Sources 

Ancient and Medieval World History: Second day of Class Sorting Sources 

Modern World History: First day of Class Connecting with Primary Sources 

Exploring Early Chinese Writings through the Tang Dynasty  

Exploring the Aztec Empire and Culture 

Exploring the Inca Empire and Culture 

Comparing Aztec and Inca Governments 

Muslim World 600-1450 Natural and Medical Science  

The Role of Muslim Intellectuals in Shaping Western Knowledge 

Medieval Western Europe  

Magna Carta 

Examining Spain’s Encomienda System Using Native American Laborers 

Examining Women’s Roles in Latin America and Europe, 1450-1750 

Comparing European Maps from the 16th Century  

Atlantic Slave Trade 

Tokugawa Japan 

Jesuits in China 

Class Starter Map Cape Town 1750-1900 

Abolition in the Americas 1750-1900 

Imperialism in Africa 

End of Japanese Isolation 

Meiji Restoration 

Meiji Japan Foreign Policy  

Examining US Entry into WWI 

WWI Propaganda 

WWI Propaganda: Recruitment Posters 

Comparing Propaganda of WWI 

The Impact of WWII on the Homefront 

World Christianity and the US 1900-present 

Response to disease outbreaks. How does culture affect our response to disease?