signature programs

What makes your school different? It's a fair question and one that is commonly asked by those exploring options for their children. Norfolk Collegiate offers a number of "signature programs" that give our students an advantage as they prepare for life, college and beyond. Below are a few such programs.


Norfolk Collegiate has been selected by the College Board as an AP Capstone™ participant beginning in 2015-16. Currently offered at just over 200 schools nationwide, AP Capstone™ is a rigorous, research-based program that builds on the extensive catalog of discipline-specific AP courses in the Upper School. As one of the first schools in Virginia to offer AP Capstone™ to its students, Norfolk Collegiate is uniquely positioned to expand its mission of "traditional and innovative instruction" while developing its graduates' 21st century skills. AP Capstone™ is an innovative new program from the College Board that capitalizes on the strengths of Norfolk Collegiate's current AP offerings to engage students in inquiry-based independent research, collaboration, and oral and written communication skills as they investigate contemporary issues and problems from multiple perspectives. Based on two foundational courses—AP Seminar and AP Research—the AP Capstone™ program offers highly qualified students the opportunity to earn either the AP Seminar and Research Certificate™ or the AP Capstone Diploma™. Learn more  


Design Thinking & Computing

Design Thinking & Computing is an interdisciplinary, K-12 learning thread designed to help students grow into creative, insightful communicators using a wide range of media in the exploration of 21st century forms of expression. Distinguished by its emphasis on oral, written, visual and digital forms of communication, the Design Thinking & Computing curriculum is a K-12 journey that prepares our students to thrive in an increasingly complex, global information environment. Incorporating design thinking, creativity and media literacy, Design Thinking & Computing provides such experiential learning opportunities as production of student publications in each division and creation of video and multi-media projects that are shared with real audiences. Learn more

Outdoor Learning Lab

Norfolk Collegiate's Outdoor Learning Lab features four raised vegetable beds, a flower garden, greenhouse and chicken coop with five Buff Orpington hens and an educational koi pond. The space allows faculty to extend classroom lessons outdoors and bring the subject matter to life by providing our students with the opportunity to study in a non-traditional environment and to participate in meaningful experiences while planting, maintaining and harvesting the bounty of the beds. Learn more


Summer Internship Program

Norfolk Collegiate's Summer Internship Program provides our students hands on, real-world experience at a unique point in their lives. Some will be entering their senior year of high school and others will be starting their college careers. With an internship under their belts, they will have an experience that sets them apart from many of their peers. More importantly, they will be one step closer to understanding what kind of work environment they do or do not want to be in or what field they might want to pursue as they enter the workforce in college and beyond. This self-awareness so early on in their lives is invaluable. Learn more


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