The Senior Project

personal and intellectual growth

Through the senior project, each student is required to develop a proposal, select a mentor, work independently and present the final project to a panel of teachers and peers before graduation.
While some students work toward the goal of personal growth, others take on ambitious societal and charitable pursuits. From completing an internship, to staging concerts, to organizing arts shows or writing academic papers, what is most inspiring about these projects is that each takes students beyond the classroom to a creative spaces of their own imagining.

The senior project began as an optional project for the Class of 2003 and became a requirement for Norfolk Collegiate graduation beginning with the Class of 2004. Some projects are done annually and passed from one group of seniors to the next, e.g., the Fashion Show to benefit Susan G. Komen, Student Journalism Conference and Veterans Day Assembly program. Other projects have fed professional interests, and many have been testaments to students’ passions. Some of these have included original musical compositions, construction of devices such as personal computers, wind turbines and portfolios of artistic works.

Norfolk Collegiate has found that the experience is not only personally enriching but also a source of pride for the students. More importantly, this type of independent work prepares students for the type of work they will encounter at the college level.

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The senior project includes proposal phases, in which students outline their project for a faculty-staff mentors and advisers. Once approved, the projects move to the action phase. The projects are presented at exhibitions, which are 20-minute presentations that summarize the project and the “learning stretches” experienced by the student before an evaluation committee and completion of a written reflection summaries.



The Senior Project is designed to promote the student learning and personal growth evidenced in our Portrait of a Graduate.

For additional information about the Senior Project experience, email Mark McElhaney, communication arts teacher and senior project coordinator.