Norfolk Collegiate's iPad Program is one example of how the school blends traditional with innovative instruction.



Our Program

Academics at Norfolk Collegiate     

Norfolk Collegiate teachers are devoted not only to their students, but also to student-engaged instruction. Balancing traditional college-preparatory curricula with innovative techniques distinguishes our school from others. Blending group projects, service learning, interdisciplinary studies, 1:1 technology, small classes and challenging courses gives our students the experiences, motivation and tools to succeed.

At the Lower School, students find an atmosphere where learning is irresistible and curiosity is encouraged. During these formative years, the foundations for lifelong learning are established. When students enter our Middle School program, they are taught to meet life's challenges with an engaging and innovative curriculum, utilizing creative problem solving. With more than 20 Advanced Placement courses and our signature AP Capstone™ Program, the Upper School prepares our students for the academic rigors of college and beyond.

The kindergarten through 12th-grade program does far more than challenge students academically. The school guides and encourages young people to build on their own strengths to meet the challenges of the classroom and to develop attitudes and habits that bring success in school, in college and throughout their lives.

Contact Division Heads

Anne Claywell '88, 
Head of the Upper School
Phone: 757.480.2885

 Anne Claywell

Charlene Loope, 
Interim Head of the Middle School
Phone: 757.480.2885

 Charlene Loope

Cleteus Smith,
Head of the Lower School
Phone: 757.625.0471

 Cleteus Smith