Lower School Academic Program

A Lower school with a higher purpose 

Our mission to create critical thinkers, doers and explorers begins in our pre-K classrooms and continues into our middle and upper schools. Our lower school (pre-K3 through Grade 5) offers the perfect blend of comfort and challenge. Through purposeful play and innovative activities, our students question, explore, think and solve problems while having a lot of fun!
We understand that every child learns differently, and that success comes in many forms, so we work hard to unlock the full potential in each student. Maximizing children's potential, curiosity and enthusiasm through our challenging and stimulating programs lays the foundation for academic success. For Norfolk Collegiate's smallest Oaks, we explore proven and technologically advanced ways of teaching through age-appropriate applications. Our instruction and focus center on each student as an individual with distinct interests, skills and varied paths to success. 

Teach to each child

Children learn in varied ways and at different rates, so our teachers meet them on their respective developmental levels. To assure each child's progress, we use multiple instructional methods, regularly assess and adjust skill levels or groupings, and differentiate assignments in math, reading and spelling. We empower students to learn in ways suited to their unique learning styles, thus deepening their skills and love of learning, and ensuring a future of high achievement.