Instructional technology

Purposeful, curriculum-based and engaging

...these words describe Norfolk Collegiate's approach to enhancing student learning with instructional technology. Each year, we continue to expand opportunities for our teachers and students to employ technology in engaging and transformative ways. SMART Boards and projectors, augmented reality devices, wireless access, laptops, iPads® and Apple TVs are now ubiquitous on our campuses. 

Every teacher is equipped with an iPad® to use during the school year in order to explore the iPad's role in creating student-centered learning opportunities. Additionally, professional development opportunities focus on transforming instruction with project-based learning and iPad® integration. 

Three MarkerLabs (one for each division) were created to make the classroom more engaging for today’s dynamic students. These spaces are home to age-appropriate technology and supplies to help students bring their passions to life, including Osmos, Ozobots, MakeyMakey®, laser cutters, 3-D printers and much more.