Guidance and Counseling

Norfolk Collegiate's lower, middle and upper school counselors are dedicated to helping our students find success in all aspects of their school experience. Academic and developmental support is provided through a variety of age-appropriate programs and support services, including the Learning Resource Program (grades K-12) and the Advisory Program (grades 6-12). 

Counselors facilitate character development through myriad of programs promoting integrity, honesty, responsibility, citizenship, school involvement, leadership, academic integrity, and multicultural awareness and understanding of diversity. Physical and emotional development is fostered through, classroom visits, individual and small group counseling, assemblies, guest speakers and performers, and programs which focus on self-esteem, wellness, and alcohol and drug education.

In the middle and upper school, these topics are further explored through regularly scheduled advisory group meetings. Counselors visit classes regularly and meet with students individually to help set academic and personal goals. In the middle and upper schools, counselors also work with students in planning appropriate course selections.