Learning to Elevate Action Program (LEAP)

The Learning to Elevate Action Program (LEAP) is the culmination of many years’ effort in strategic planning to develop robust and meaningful experiential learning opportunities for Norfolk Collegiate’s upper school students. Through LEAP, students in grades nine-12 will have the chance to drive their learning based on personal interests, passions and skills by designing a project each year. By the end of their tenure in the upper school, students will have a strong sense of self, confidence in the future academic and personal paths they have forged for themselves, and a curiosity and deep appreciation of learning for learning’s sake. 


LEAP programming will permeate student life at Norfolk Collegiate through our upper school advisory and school meeting times as well as through a week of learning beyond the classroom. During that week, in particular, programming will leverage Norfolk Collegiate’s relationships with city and regional community partners to provide students with unmatched opportunities to experience the Hampton Roads area as the classroom beyond our campus. 

Though LEAP will continue to evolve in years to come, here are a few key aspects of this year’s program: 

  • Advisors will work in partnership with Experience Institute and its award winning Leap Map to guide students in self reflective exercises and activities that will ignite individual project focuses.
  • Monthly lunch and learn opportunities for students to meet in small groups with visiting speakers. 
  • LEAP Term, a week dedicated solely to project development, immersive workshops led by local experts and industry professionals from a variety of fields, and internship and off-campus service opportunities, domestic and international travel opportunities for upperclassmen. 



FRESHMEN | Freshmen will begin to develop their sense of identity by recognizing their interests, passions and skills by exploring modes of storytelling and developing communication skills by pursuing an individual Leap Project and sharing the story of that project. 

SOPHOMORES | Sophomores will expand their sense of self and consider how their community has shaped them and how they can shape their community. By drawing on their freshman year experience along with their sophomore Leap Project, students will share their continued growth and vision for what they want from their time in the upper school. 

JUNIORS | Juniors will understand the breadth of interests and skills they possess and begin to see how those translate to college and beyond. Through their Leap Project, students will learn to identify a mentor and begin to develop their personal learning network that aligns with their interests and goals. 

SENIORS | Seniors will grow as leaders and contributors to society and will have a strong sense of self and purpose. They will develop proficiency at navigating personal, academic and professional spheres as part of their final preparation for adulthood. They will be self-motivated problem solvers, thinkers and learners.