November’s Coach of the Month—Nicole Weyer

Coaching volleyball is a goal that Coach Nicole Weyer had when she came to Norfolk Collegiate four years ago as the upper school dean of students. She wanted to share her love for the sport with student-athletes and instill the fundamentals of the game. She sat down with the Oak Connection to talk about her goal to cultivate our student-athletes.

What was your reaction when you were told you were the Coach of the Month for October?

I was honored to be named Coach of the Month. I think it’s a nice nod from the athletic department to my efforts, and I feel fortunate.

How did you come to coach at volleyball at Collegiate?

Jon Hall started a conversation with me last year about coaching, and he was persistent in his recruiting efforts of me. Coaching was something that I thought about when I first came to Collegiate four years ago, and I thought this was a good year for me to step into that realm. This was a great introduction to working with a new age group for me. Especially, since the middle school students are on my campus. It allowed me the opportunity to be introduced to them before they get to the upper school.

How has your playing experience prepared you for coaching?

I played volleyball in junior high, high school and intramural in college. I also coached at Landmark College in Vermont. Because I love this sport and have played at different levels along with my coaching experience, all of those things played a role in helping me this season. It helped me be a coach who can help girls understand the technical elements, the strategy of the game and how to build certain skills. We had a really successful season with the skill development of the girls and learning how to work together as a team. There was a lot of growth with the middle school girls this season.     

What were some of your goals for the team this year? Did you meet any of those goals?

I think the goals that I had this year were to inspire and instill a love of the game in our team. I certainly believe, when you plant the seed of something early there is a great opportunity for it to grow and evolve. One of our goals was to really have them develop skills, and I think we accomplished that across the board. From serving and passing to setting and hitting, we wanted them to learn more about the game and gain confidence, and they did just that. The record was 9-6 and that’s good when you have a team that was absolutely new to the sport. We were successful in the matches that we won and didn’t win because it helped to identify our growth. Another goal that we had was to help the girls find their voice with each other on the court so that they can use their voice to have people listen and respond to them.  

If you could offer a piece of advice to your team, what would it be?

Continue to be brave and courageous in trying new things. Continue to learn how to pick yourself up when you make a mistake or when you miss a ball. That’s the moment of do I give up or dig in, and I want them to dig in. Trust yourself and trust your game.

Aside from coaching, what do you like to do?

I practice yoga. I love traveling, cooking and baking. I also love to read. Time with family and friends is also important.