World’s Fittest Man challenges Oaks to stay committed

The fittest man on Earth, Ben Smith, was the guest speaker at this Friday’s Lower School assembly. He spoke about the importance of setting goals and staying committed to achieving them when obstacles occur.

After winning the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games on July 25, in Carson, Calif., the Chesapeake native was given the title “the fittest man on earth.” He surpassed 70 other highly fit competitors in the Cross Fit Games and reached his goal of becoming number one.

“I competed eight times before I won,” said Smith. “The very first time I went to the competition, I placed 64 out of 70, I was nearly the last person to finish the entire contest.”  

Smith admitted that it was tough but he worked hard every day because winning the CrossFit Games was something he really wanted to accomplish.

“I set this goal for myself in high school. I’m now 25-years-old, and I’ve achieved my goal because I did not give up when things got hard,” said Smith. “I even worked-out on my birthdays and holidays.”

He encouraged students to have that same motivation and to set both short- and long-term goals for themselves.

“If you want to pass that test, you have to study. If you want to become a great player in that sport, you have to practice,” said Smith. There will always be someone who wants the same as you and you have to work harder than him.”

He also challenged Head of the Lower School Cleteus Smith to complete 10 burpee exercises in 30 seconds. View the photo album here.