Veterans Day Ceremonies Honor Norfolk Collegiate Community Members

Norfolk Collegiate’s Future Military Leaders of American club held a Veterans Day ceremonies on Friday, Nov. 9, in honor of those who have served and are currently serving in the United States armed forces.

Upper and middle school students heard from Ret. Lt. Col. Neal T. Wright (father of Matt Wright '19) who touched on what it means to serve. He specified that service to country doesn’t discriminate against race, politics, gender or sexuality, and he’s proud to have served in such a diverse community for 22 years.

Kendra Honey ’20 thought the upper school ceremony was “a unique way for the school to come together to honor our veterans. I loved that a student-run club organized the event, and it was really special that even the band and chorus were involved.”

Lower school students processed into their auditorium with the sounds the U.S. Fleet Forces Band before crewmembers on the USS Abraham Lincoln conducted a presentation of colors.

Lower school Counselor Jan Weintraub gave a wonderful introduction to the program, giving students and attendees a brief history of Veterans Day and introducing them to the day’s speakers and performers.

Then Capt. Dusty Rhodes (father of Dusty Rhodes '25 and Finn Rhodes '28) spoke to students mentioning, "It’s not just [veterans] we are honoring today but also the families of those who serve." Capt. Rhodes comes from a long line of service members. His great uncle was a bomber pilot in World War II, and his grandfather built wartime airplanes.

He talked to students about military life and how it often requires service members to be away from home. “The risk I put myself in while I’m deployed worries my family,” he said. That’s why he believes “families make the biggest sacrifice supporting their active duty service member.”