Upper School lobby sees new life

Norfolk Collegiate’s middle and upper school students are enjoying a refurbished and reimagined student commons on the Granby campus thanks to the generosity of the Beazley Foundation Inc. 
Collegiate’s leadership partnered with Creative—a local company specializing in workplace design and technology—to create a friendly, inviting space that allows for social and collaborative learning for students, families and guests of the school.
“We’re so grateful for the support of the Beazley Foundation. Their ongoing support has transformed the landscape of the school,” said Nicole Pellegrino, director of development. The foundation provided funds to help with the refurbishment of the commons. “From iPads and Macs to science labs and turf field support and now the student commons, the Beazley Foundation Inc. has allowedCollegiate’s learning spaces to reflect the innovative curricula found within them.” 
Using Steelcase Inc.'s learning space research and products, the team was able to realign the space to better accommodate students’ needs. Updates include a large table with seating for collaboration, high top tables with individual seating, additional sofas and chairs for more seating and a workbench working area with charging stations. The receptionist desk was relocated to the opposite side of the lobby to allow better line of site of the school’s entryway.
The changes have opened the commons, allowing for ease of movement between bells in addition to providing more spaces for students to collaborate throughout the day. 
Kendall Harper ’20 and his classmates like the flexibility of the charging areas in the lobby. “I really like the charging stations because they help to get our work done,” he said.
“I really like the new lobby. It’s really modern and nice … and it’s really inclusive,” said Natalia Krauz ’22.   
Her classmate Sophie Mathas ’23 agreed. “I love the space. It’s awesome.It allows for more movement and has more seating and table areas. It’s just homier.”