Service with a purpose 

On April 13, our upper school students visited several locations throughout Hampton Roads to beautify our community as part of our Upper School Day of Service.

Norfolk Collegiate teaches students to be well-rounded, independent thinkers who have a passion for their community. During our Upper School Day of Service our students visited several locations including the Virginia Zoological Park to create enrichment items for animals, Paradise Creek Nature Park to help restore the Elizabeth River and First Landing State Park to clean the beach.

“Service learning and opportunity for service learning allows students to grow in ways they wouldn’t be able to within the classroom,” said Margaret Dalrymple, upper school English teacher and service day coordinator. “Ultimately, we as a school want to develop well-rounded, responsible students who are also good citizens of the community and service projects are a way for them to look outside of themselves to help others.”

Other service locations included our lower school outdoor learning lab, the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore, the Botanical Gardens and Elmwood Cemetery.

Our upper school Student Government Association helps to promote excitement about the service day throughout the school. Mitchell Maguire, SGA representative, was among those creating buzz about the projects.

“I really do believe participating in community service projects help to mold students at Collegiate because it makes us more involved and more aware of our community, which is an important aspect of what makes Collegiate what it is today,” said Mitchell. “I told people that it would be fun to help beautify our community, plus we wouldn’t have to be sitting in class all day,” he continued. “It also brings us together and helps us create bonds with each other, which is very important.”

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